Amber Meaning, Healing Properties and Benefits

Amber Meaning, Healing Properties and Benefits

Amber is made from the fossilized tree resin that is more than 300 million years old. Tree resin is hardened and polymerized in the process that takes a few thousand years.


Amber is a beautiful natural stone that is light in weight and cut and polished in order to create jewelry designs. Amber often comes with inclusions and may contain preserved plants, insects and animals. Those inclusions add to the beauty of the stone and increase its value.


Amber is transparent to translucent stone. Color of the Amber depends on the tree species, its age, and origin. In nature, we find it as orange, light yellow, golden brown, dark brown, yellow-green, and dark red color gemstone.


Amber - Quick Overview

 Amber Stone Quick Information

Mineralogy:  fossilized tree resin
Colororange, light yellow, golden brown, dark brown, yellow-green, dark red
Hardness: 2 - 2.5 Mohs scale
Spirituality: protection, healing, charm, intellect, prosperity
Emotions: balance, releases negativity, 
Mental: meditation, calming, 
Physical: weight loss, asthma, metabolism, thyroid, joints, stomach, headache
Rarity:  Common 


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Meaning and Use

Throughout history, an amber stone was portrayed as a drop of the sun, tears of the gods, hardened honey, etc. It is considered as protection stone and talisman of renewal. It is considered a powerful healing tool that is connected with the ancients, past life, and historic karma.


Considering that amber is often shaped like a tear, people associated it as a great stone for healing grief, sadness, depression, melancholia, anxiety. It is beneficial for soothing tooth pain, neck pain, stomach problems, infections, and rheumatism. 


Physical Healing Properties

  • - weight loss, asthma, thyroid, joint problems, pain
  • - stimulate tissue healing, detoxification, headache, heart, vitality
  • - the thymus gland, spleen, liver, gall bladder, kidneys, stomach


Amber stone is considered a great natural purifier for its ability to absorb negative energy and vibrations from the body. It is also used for stimulating regeneration and healing of the soft tissue, detoxification, heart problems, arthritis, headache, and pain. 


For its negative energy and pain absorbing abilities, Amber provides balancing and healing energy for the organs. It is a great stone for healing spleen, bladder, liver, stomach, and gall bladder. 


Emotional Healing Properties

  • - emotional stability, relaxation, anxiety
  • - depression, grief, loss, strength, protection
  • - peacefulness, trust, wisdom, memory


Amber is used for bringing emotions in balance, providing needed stability and calmness. Its warming positive energy is spontaneous and brings sun and light into personal life. This stone may counteract depressive and suicidal tendencies by providing peace and trust.


By wearing jewelry made from Amber you will be protected from psychic attacks. You will feel safe and secure. It is a great personal support in the time of grief and loss. During hard times it will help you find a way forward.



Metaphysical Properties

  • - cleansing and activating chakras, meditation 
  • - connection to ancient wisdom, past experiences
  • - spiritual growth, clarity, charm, patience


Wearing amber jewelry will bring you needed stability and motivation to achieve your goals. By stimulating the intellect and bringing positivity into your life, you will be able to express yourself and your creativity. The soothing energy of this earthy gemstone will provide protection, promote inner peace and comfort. 


Chakra Healing

The energy of this natural ancient stone is associated with the healing of Solar Plexus Chakra. Amber will enhance healing and provide balance for the stomach, liver, stimulate nutrient assimilation.


For its benefits and association with the Sacral Chakra, it was used in ancient times for curing sexual problems, impotence, and frigidity. The positive healing energy of this stone will bring balance to your sexuality and clear any blockages. 


Birthstone and Zodiac

For its stabilizing spiritual energy and association with earth and nature, Amber is connected to the zodiac sign of Taurus



Wearing amber jewelry is associated with many healing benefits from a natural pain relieving to improving sleep and quality of life. You will be more rested, your body will heal and pain associated with joints and strain injuries will slowly go away. It is one of the best gemstones used for relieving chronic conditions, shoulder pain, back pain, and migraine.


In order to benefit the most from wearing Amber stone, you need to give it time. Also, you should understand that it is not a cure for your problems, it will give you relief from the symptoms you have. Try to wear it all the time if possible and you will slowly benefit from its healing energy.


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Please note that gemstones should not be used as a substitute for your prescriptions or alternative treatment for any illness or health problem. Healing gemstones are not the solution but additional help. Always consult your doctor.

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