Fluorite Meaning Healing Properties and Benefits

Fluorite Meaning, Healing Properties and Benefits

Fluorite is a beautiful translucent highly sought-after crystal that is cherished since Ancient time. It is a fluorescent gemstone known for glassy luster and a huge variety of colors: blue, purple, green, yellow, pink, red, orange, colorless, brown, and black.


The earliest archeological findings of Fluorite crystals were in Ancient Egypt where they carved it into vases and statures. They carved amulets, cups, various dishes, and statues out of Fluorite stones. Other ancient civilizations like Germans, Romans, French used Fluorite gemstone in a similar fashion. Romans believed that drinking from those cups will prevent intoxication and drunkenness.


Fluorite is mined all over the world with the biggest findings in the USA, Germany, Mexico, China, Brazil, Span, and Canada. For thousands of years, this crystal is also used for making the most beautiful jewelry. This crystal is well known for its glassy luster, variety of colors, and mesmerizing beauty. This crystal forms in cubes so it is often found as a multicolored gemstone. It is very common to find different color bands inside the stone. 


Fluorite - Quick Overview

 Fluorite Crystal Basic Information

Mineralogy: calcium fluoride
Colorblue, purple, green, yellow, pink, red, orange, brown, black, colorless
Hardness: 4
Spirituality: harmony, balance, self-expression, 
Emotions: intuition, balance, confidence, dexterity, 
Mental: removes negativity, stress, concentration, 
Physical: cleansing, purification, skin regeneration, bones, teeth, spine, joints, arthritis, rheumatism
Rarity:  Rare


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Meaning and Use

Fluorite gemstone is often referred to as "Genius Stone" due to its ability to help people achieve their goals, acquire new knowledge, and activate both brain hemispheres simultaneously. It is believed that wearing this stone may help you achieve perfection through knowledge, help you balance memory, and achieve harmony. 


In jewelry, Fluorite crystal is considered as one of the most colorful gems suitable for making all types of jewelry designs. Mainly, Fluorite crystal comes in blue color, followed by green, purple, yellow, and rainbow. It is rarely found as a brown, black, red, white, and pink gem. Different colors come from different inclusions inside the crystal structure. 


Each and every different color of Fluorite gemstone is associated with a slightly different meaning, use, and traits. Common characteristics of all Fluorites is their ability to bring harmony, calmness, new ideas, improve brain functions, increase intuition, cleans the aura, removes negative energy, balances brain chemistry, and provides balance. 


Physical Healing Properties

  • - cold, headache, flu, cancer, tumors, gout, arthritis, rheumatism
  • - detoxification, insomnia, cell regeneration
  • - kidneys, bones, respiratory tract, ears, nose, spleen, lungs, skin regeneration, repair DNA


Fluorite is associated with many physical healing properties that are mainly focused on bringing harmony and balance to the body. Its properties are connected with the perfect health of the body. Wearing jewelry made from this gemstone will help neutralize infections, improve recovery from viral infections, it stimulates the immune system and helps reducing inflammation.


Physical healing properties of Fluorite crystal are also associated with healing skin problems, respiratory tract illnesses and problems, and throat infections. This stone is great for treating bronchitis, colds, flu, and pneumonia. It is commonly used for relieving nerve pain, ulcers, preventing teeth problems, bone problems, and osteoporosis.


Emotional Healing Properties

  • - intuition, emotional stability and balance, confidence, dexterity
  • - compassion, fear of future, wrong decisions, self-confidence
  • - balances relationship, fair reasoning, objectivity


Main traits of Fluorite crystal when it comes to emotional healing is providing emotional balance and stability. Wearing jewelry made from Fluorite gemstone will help you handle hard emotional situations. It will clear your mind and help you handling those situations without being overwhelmed by emotions. It will also boost your confidence and help you confront and talk to other people in a gentle way.


Wearing Fluorite crystal for prolonged periods of time will increase your intuition, bring balance to your life and help you be more objective. It will help you as well break negative patterns and distance yourself from negative behavior. It will improve your dexterity, help you express your thoughts and feelings, and embrace challenging emotions and situations.


Metaphysical Properties

  • - balances Crown and Third Eye Chakra, chakra cleansing
  • - shields the Aura, grounding effect, stability
  • - harmonizes spiritual energy, removes negative vibrations, mental clarity, absorbs negativity from surroundings


Fluorite stone is considered to be one of the best gemstones for removing negative energy, stress, and vibrations. Wearing this stone will help you absorb and retain important information, improve mental abilities, and concentration. It can help as well as counteracting mental disorders and problems.


Wearing Fluorite jewelry can help spiritual healing providing balance, peace, comfort, and harmony. It will help you understand the universe and your place in it.  


Chakra Healing


All Fluorite crystals, no matter the color, are connected with the Third Eye chakra providing balance, healing, and cleansing. It is one of the most powerful stones for bringing truth and integrating different concepts into the person mind. Depending on the color, it can be associated as well with other chakras. For example, green fluorite is amazing for the Heart chakra, blue for the Throat, and clear fluorite for the Crown chakra. 


The easiest way to utilize its power is to meditate with the Fluorite gemstone. It will help you reach your meditative state by providing focus and helping you concentrate. All you need to do is to hold it inside your hand during meditation. 


Birthstone and Zodiac

Fluorite is not listed as the traditional or modern birthstone for any zodiac sign. However, persons born as Pisces and Capricorn may benefit the most from its balancing and healing energy. If you are some other zodiac sign you may as well wear Fluorite jewelry without harm. 



Wearing Fluorite crystals is mainly beneficial for persons that are looking for balance, grounding, and powerful gemstone that will help them harmonize spiritual energy. This stone will help you clear your mind, improve relations with important persons in your life and make positive decisions.  It will balance the chemistry of your brain and remove negative energy from your surroundings. 


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Please note that gemstones should not be used as a substitute for your prescriptions or alternative treatment for any illness or health problem. Healing gemstones are not the solution but additional help. Always consult your doctor.

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