Ruby Meaning Healing Properties Benefits

Ruby Meaning, Healing Properties and Benefits

Ruby is a precious red gemstone considered to be the most magnificent crystal associated with nobility, royalty, kings, queens, and emperors. Ruby is associated with passion, prosperity, a stone of love, confidence, motivation, strength, and sexuality.


Ruby is prized and cherished, sought after for thousands of years. Ancient cultures believed that it is more precious than Diamonds. Many cultures in the past considered Rubies as symbols of the Sun, wore it as an amulet to ward off pestilence, plague, resolve all disputes, for protection, increasing concentration, motivation, to bring peace, stimulate the flow of positive energy through the entire body.


Ruby is one of the "big four" group of precious gemstones together with Diamond, Sapphire, and Emerald. For the hardness, it is second only to the Diamond. It is a rare gemstone that comes in red color but can be found in nature with subtle hues of pink, orange, violet, and wine color. All other corundum color variations are designated to Sapphires. The red color of this crystal is similar to the red Spinel, Garnet, and Tourmaline. For this reason, people often mistook those stones for Ruby in the past.  


Every single natural Ruby comes with imperfections and impurities inside their crystal structure. Those inclusions are known as "silk" and help us to distinguish natural gemstones from synthetic gems. Most valuable gemstones come with vitreous luster and red color shade known as "pigeons blood". They are defined as pure red stones with a hint of blue and can cost more than a million dollars per carat. Crystals found in jewelry stores with a size of 0.5 to 1-carat costs from 10 to 20 thousand dollars.


Ruby - Quick Overview

 Ruby Quick Information

Mineralogy: red corundum variation
Color: red, pinkish-red, orange-red, red with violet, deep wine
Hardness: 9
Spirituality: transformation, spiritual enlightenment, positivity, manifestation
Emotions: anger, negativity, distress, suffering, courage, inspiration, protection, fears
Mental: love, manifestation, transformation, protection, grounding
Physical: reproduction, sexual dysfunction, fever, infection, menstruation, blood circulation, heart, lymph
Rarity:  Rare


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Meaning and Use

Ruby is one of the most well known and popular gemstones sought after by people for thousands of years. Many cultures refer to this gemstone as a stone of passion, prosperity, abundance, love, and protection. This stone is known for its confidence-boosting properties, heart stimulation, increasing sexual desire, and energy. Since all Rubies come with imperfections, every stone ads something a bit more for its meaning. One of the most interesting is "Star Ruby" that comes with starlike, six ray star effect.


Wearing jewelry made from red Ruby crystal stimulates and amplifies vitality and energy of the whole body. It can calm hyperactive persons. If you experience problems regarding love, wearing Rubies will help you find a loving person, it will release your sensuality and encourage romance, relationship, and commitment. This stone is often used for better concentration and awareness, helps with disputes, reduces the fear of evil, and protects during the night. 


Physical Healing Properties

  • - blood, heart, coronaries, ventricles, heart disorders, heart diseases, circulation, blood flow, 
  • - pregnancy, detoxification, lymph, fever, infections
  • - menstrual flow, menstrual pain, reproductive organs, sexual dysfunction, impotence, fertility


Ruby is considered to be one of the best gemstones associated with the blood, heart, coronaries, and ventricles. It is great for stimulating circulation and good blood flow. Moreover, it is a great stone for treating heart associated diseases and disorders. Because of this, if you have some problems with your heart you should consider wearing jewelry made from this red gemstone.


Ruby is considered as a great aid for the ladies for its properties to regulate menstrual flow, pain associated with it and soothe menstrual pain. Apart from menstrual problems, physical healing properties of this stone are associated with sexual dysfunction, impotence, menopause problems, and infertility. As you may see, this stone is beneficial both for ladies and gents helping them cope with their problems and issues. 


One of the important aspects associated with the physical healing properties of Ruby crystal is detoxification capabilities. It is great to help to deal with infections, fever, kidneys, stimulating circulation and also energy flow inside the body. The last aspect that is on the list is weight regulation, especially important for persons that are emotional eaters.


Emotional Healing Properties

  • - negativity, anger, love, negativity, suffering
  • - fears, protection, better attitude
  • - great for emotional and sensitive persons, self-love


Emotional healing properties of Ruby crystal are associated with the love and love energy. Persons being hurt in the past will find a way to transmute their negative energy and anger. This stone will give you the strength to deal with anger, suffering, and anguish, changing those negative emotions with a positive mindset. This gemstone will help you stop dwelling on your past and move forward in life. It will bring positive characteristics of your personality to surface and help you stand for yourself.


Ruby is considered to be one of the most powerful protection stones, especially working well for persons that are sensitive and emotional. Wearing this crystal will help you overcome your fears and help you love yourself more. This crystal is great for helping people cope with their destructive emotions giving them the strength to move forward and find good solutions.


Metaphysical Properties

  • - transformation, spiritual guide, 
  • - manifestation, 
  • - bright side, battle negativity, 


Ruby is believed to help people see a brighter side of life and shine the light on their negative side. This stone will teach you to enjoy your life and the physical world. The energy of the stone will guide you through learning and mastering through transformation. It is a great manifestation stone that will help you change your life and the world around you.


Ruby crystal is considered to be a great assistant for connecting with your personal energy and energy of the Earth. It will help you restore and replenish your energy. It is also considered as an amazing grounding stone that will help you overcome mental stress and overload. In the times of darkness and stress, this gemstone will help you stand strong and rest.


Chakra Healing


Ruby is associated with stimulation and balance of energy of the Base Chakra. It will help you manifest your dreams and activate the kundalini. It is also associated with the spine and controlling movement and feelings. Wearing this gemstone will help you balance energy connected with the Base Chakra.


Birthstone and Zodiac

Ruby is listed as both traditional and modern birthstone for July. It is also listed as July birthstone in Russian, Polish, and Ayurvedic lists of birthstones. It is a Star Sign stone for persons born as Cancer. Ruby is also listed as zodiac gemstone for Capricorn



Considering history and legends associated with the Ruby crystal, it is obvious that people wrote their findings of this amazing red stone. They considered it as one the most amazing stone and associated with its many healing benefits. In the past, people wore this crystal to ward off plague, as a charm and protection amulet. It is also beneficial for dispelling bad dreams and fight with nightmares, helps people restraining their lust, helps with resolving disputes, and bringing peace. 


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Please note that gemstones should not be used as a substitute for your prescriptions or alternative treatment for any illness or health problem. Healing gemstones are not the solution but additional help. Always consult your doctor.

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