Sapphire Meaning Healing Properties and Benefits

Sapphire Meaning, Healing Properties and Benefits

Sapphire crystal is associated with numerous healing properties and benefits since ancient times. Learn about Sapphire gemstone meaning, use, history, jewelry, birthstone and Chakra associated with it. Take a closer look at this informative guide offering you everything you ever wanted to know about this beautiful stone.


Since ancient time Sapphire gemstone is considered as a stone of royalty, wisdom, Divine favor, prophesy, a gem of gems, and nobility. This stone is associated with sacred things in almost every religion on the planet. Famous for its majestic blue color, it is shrouded in mystery, lore, legend, and faith. Healing properties and meaning of this mesmerizing blue crystal are associated with hope, protection, strength, judgment, kindness, faith, spiritual growth and good fortune.


Sapphire is one of the few gemstones that inspired so many legends, according to some Sapphire was worn as a talisman by King Solomon and Abraham, 10 commandments were given to Moses on the Sapphire tablets. Ancient Greeks and Buddhists associated this blue crystal with devotion, spiritual enlightenment, wisdom, protection, it was offered to temples and worn by the kings. 


Even today Sapphire is known as "Stone of Wisdom" connected with learning, knowledge, psychic activation, and worn by persons looking for spiritual truth. Sapphire transparency varies from transparent to opaque and can be found in different colors from white, yellow, pink, violet, orange, green, black, and of course the most famous blue color. Also, this crystal can be found with a starlike pattern known as "Star Sapphire". As a matter of fact, all corundum crystal colors are called Sapphire except the red which is known as Ruby.


Sapphire - Quick Overview

 Sapphire Crystal Quick Information

Mineralogy: corundum 
Colorwhite, yellow, pink, violet, orange, green, black, blue
Hardness: 9
Spirituality: wisdom, concentration, balance, clear thoughts
Emotions: nervous, anger, frustration, negativity, negative feelings, love, truth
Mental: wealth, prosperity, good luck, calm the mind
Physical: fever, inflammation, burns, nosebleed, blood clots, bleeding, thrombosis, blood vessels, veins
Rarity: Rare


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Meaning and Use

Sapphire is one of the best calming stones that will help you focus your mind and help you release mental tension. It is great for removing unwanted thoughts and doubts, helping you to open your mind to intuition, beauty, that will bring you joy and restore balance. It is great for help if you need to take action in your hands, handle your daily tasks, and maintain your discipline. 


Sapphire is always been considered as a symbol of integrity and efficiency when it comes to legal issues and serving justice. It is also a great stone for channeling healing power and it was used often by healers. People associated this crystal with love, commitment, fidelity, marriage, and attachment. Because of this, it is common to choose Sapphire as an engagement ring. Being one of the hardest gemstones with a rating of 9 on the Mohs scale, Sapphire jewelry will last you a long time. 


Another interesting use of Sapphire gemstone is as supporting stone that will raise your awareness, stimulate your mind, and clear your mind and judgment. Lighter color stones are associated with leadership, wisdom, integrity and can help business people. It is an amazing grounding tool that will bring you more energy and help to complete the deals. 


Physical Healing Properties

  • - post-surgery, dementia, Alzheimer, bone density, bone strength
  • - fever, inflammation, burns, nosebleed, blood clots, bleeding, thrombosis, blood vessels, veins
  • - thyroid, pituitary gland, eyes, blood, brain


In the aspect of physical healing properties, Sapphire is a great supporting stone for improving bone strength and density especially for people going through the process in reconstructive surgery. The energy of the crystal is beneficial and calming for patients going through the post-surgery healing process. Healing energy of this crystal is also very beneficial for persons with dementia and Alzheimer disease. 


Sapphire gemstone has been used for a long time for detoxification, reducing infections, fevers, inflammation, healing burns, eye, and blood-related problems, and nosebleeds. Sapphire physical healing energy is associated with the blood vessels, blood, reducing bleeding, healing blood clots, and thrombosis. Wearing this crystal will help you alleviate pain, lower the fever and help when you feel nervous.


Emotional Healing Properties

  • - balancing the mind, calming the mind, intuition, delusions, depression, communication
  • - inner strength, self-esteem, understanding, happiness, 
  • - nervous, anger, frustration, negativity, negative feelings, love, truth


When on a subject of emotional healing properties of Sapphire crystals, I must say that it is predominately used for balancing and calming the mind. Wearing this mesmerizing gemstone will help you understand your feelings better, it will enhance your inner strength and boost self-esteem. Through understanding and exploration of your feelings, you will be much happier and open to other people. Its calming effect will help you relieve frustration, negativity, nervous, and anger.


By promoting positive feelings and positive energy, this crystal will stimulate better communication with friends and family. Wearing this gemstone will increase endorphin production leading to lessening depression, calming, eliminates delusions and psychic related disorders. Through the powerful positive energy of the stone, you will restore your will, feel better, and recognize the truth.


Metaphysical Properties

  • - focus, studying, understanding, organization
  • - wisdom, concentration, balance, clear thoughts
  • - wealth, prosperity, good luck, calm the mind


In connection with the metaphysical healing properties of Sapphire gemstone, it is believed that this stone will help you focus, gain clarity and issue understanding. It is one of the best stones when it comes to focusing on written material and studying. This gemstone will help you pay closer attention to tiny details and also organize all your material.


Sapphire healing properties were associated with wisdom and the mind for centuries. Wearing jewelry made with it will bring you good fortune, happiness, and help you align with your spiritual goals. This stone will help you examine and take a closer look at your life. It will help you be more self-critical and recognize problems. Moreover, Sapphire will help you resolve your problems providing wisdom and knowledge.


Chakra Healing

Sapphire crystal is used for balancing the Sacral chakra. If your Sacral chakra is unbalanced you could be struggling emotionally, become selfish and arrogant. Wearing this stone for a prolonged period of time will help you stop worrying, taking ill intents, and help you gain trust. By wearing this crystal you will be more comfortable, be able to control your sexuality and enjoy life more. With beneficial effects on your muscular and reproductive system, Sapphire will heal you and remove toxins from your body.


Blue Sapphire is associated with the Throat chakra. It stimulates it with healing energy bringing it back in balance. This will allow you to express yourself, improve communication, express your thoughts and emotions. Darker shades of the stone are associated with expressing the truth while lighter shades of blue color are associated with balance, relaxation, and flexibility.


Darker blue gemstones are used for stimulation of the Third Eye Chakra. Being our main center of command and perception, bringing this chakra is important for our everyday life. By bringing it into balance wearing gemstone it will help you find your direction and raise your awareness. Since this is where our consciousness is located, balancing and energizing the Third Eye Chakra is really crucial. 


Birthstone and Zodiac

In the traditional list of birthstones, Sapphire is listed as the birthstone for persons born in April. In the modern list of birthstones, this stone is selected as September birthstone. This crystal is associated with zodiac signs of Taurus, Pisces, Sagittarius, and Virgo.



For thousands of years, Sapphire is considered as a gemstone that protects a person from harm and envy, negative influence and people. It was worn by the kings and wealthy individuals that believed in its healing properties, that it will help them sharpen their intellect, bring them abundance, wealth, power, wisdom, and luck. Wearing Sapphire is beneficial for many reasons, from releasing mental tension, depression, anger, to bringing physical, spiritual and mental balance. This crystal will help you improve your life, be more joyful, happy, help you fulfill your desires and dreams. 


Color Variations

As I have already mentioned at the beginning of this article, red color corundum is Ruby while all other color variations are Sapphires. Every Sapphire color is associated with a little bit different healing properties and brings additional benefits to the jewelry wearer. Although we often imagine Sapphire as a dark, deep blue crystal, it is found in the following colors:


  • - White Sapphire - in the past people have mistaken this gemstone with the Diamond. White Sapphire is a great supporting stone for people coping with illness. It is great for boosting courage, supporting stone for people on their spiritual voyage, brings fairness, spiritual clarity, activates the brain, and the mind.

  • - Yellow Sapphire - it is considered as one of the best gemstones for bringing prosperity, success, and abundance in all aspects of a person life. Is healing energy is connected with digestive issues and disorders, vitality, physical energy, and spleen. It is associated with positive feelings, bringing joy, helps to overcome fears, and helps people express themselves. 

  • - Orange Sapphire - is associated with the wisdom of love and creativity. It is considered as a great talisman for people seeking spirituality, sensuality, creative inspiration, and love. It is a great gemstone for artists, singers, writers, and other creative persons.

  • - Pink Sapphire - is considered as one of the most powerful crystals for expressing sexual energy, encouraging sex drive, pleasure, and help for people having a negative sexual experience in their past. It will help you express sexually, bring dynamic into your life, joy, and happiness.

  • - Blue Sapphire - it is the most recognizable Sapphire color. This gemstone will help you become more secure, brings knowledge, and strength of the mind. It will help you break negative patterns and influence. Stimulates the mind and helps increase learning capabilities. It is often associated with vision, astral travel, and traveling to higher realms.

  • - Violet Sapphire - are associated with spiritual awakening. They will bring you wisdom and help you open your Crown chakra. Those gems are believed to clean person aura from negative energy and help them ground.

  • - Green Sapphire - green Sapphires are often called "Stones of Fidelity" for their energy that will bring you integrity and fidelity. Those gems will encourage compassion for other people, improve your dream recall and help you stimulate vision. 

  • - Black Sapphire - those gemstones are associated with protection and grounding effect. Black stones will help you relieve anxiety, cope with grief and sorrow, bring you confidence and wisdom. 

  • - Star Sapphire - is distinguished from other stones by its six or twelve ray start reflection. This is considered as a manifestation of Divine knowledge and this effect can be displayed on a Sapphire of any color. Those stones are considered to have more energy and power. 


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Please note that gemstones should not be used as a substitute for your prescriptions or alternative treatment for any illness or health problem. Healing gemstones are not the solution but additional help. Always consult your doctor.

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