Aquamarine Meaning, Healing Properties and Benefits

For its beautiful clear blue color Aquamarine crystal is appreciated all over the world for thousands of years. Aquamarine is a sparkling semi-precious stone associated with honesty, compassion, communication, courage, support, healing allergies, cold, fever, and hormone production.   Since the time of Ancient Egypt, the Roman empire and Greeks,...

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List of All Gemstones

In the following list of all gemstones that are found on AOVCrystals website, you will find mineralogy and healing effects of crystals. You will find a brief introduction to gemstones, their name, common names, color, healing properties, and rarity. In order to navigate easier and learn more about particular gemstone...

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Agate Stone Healing Properties, Benefits, Meaning, Use, Jewelry

Agate stone is a mineral from the Quartz family that was first found around Achates River in Sicily. Agate is an interesting stone that comes with fossilized inclusions, stripes or layers, color specks that add to the beauty of the gemstone. You will find that Agate has many different names...

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