10 most amazing purple gemstones used in jewelry

10 Most Amazing Purple Gemstones Used in Jewelry

Purple gemstones are used in jewelry production for decades. Maybe they are not as popular as gemstones that come in red, green and blue color because there are so many of them. Purple gems are much rarer and often come with a higher price tag. Of course, there are exceptions and in the following article, we will share with you 10 purple stones that are totally mesmerizing. Whichever you choose as your next jewelry piece you will be more than happy wearing it.

The symbolism of Purple Color in Jewelry

Since ancient times, purple gemstones are connected with royalty, nobility, kings and queens, power and wealth. This is not ordinary color, purple depicts prestige, class, luxury, elegance and adds a touch of sophistication to every clothing combination that you choose to wear. Purple crystals are symbols of extravagance, mystery, independence, dignity, and wisdom. This is a rare occurring color in nature so the number of different purple stones is pretty small. You can check our purple gemstone collection by clicking on that link or selecting purple color gemstones from the menu.



Purple Diamond Gemstone

Purple Diamond Ring

Diamonds are considered as exclusive gemstones that carry high price per carat. Purple diamonds are extremely rare and very expensive stones that can cost around $100.000 per carat. Those purple gems are commonly bought by wealthy individuals and gemstone collectors so there is a big chance that you will never even see them in person. Most of the stones that you can find in jewelry stores are enhanced or synthetic alternatives that are more affordable.

Many people are not sure whether purple diamonds are natural or not. Diamonds, in fact, come in many colors in nature. They are often called "natural fancy diamonds". Their shades and color come from impurities that are found inside their crystal structure. In this particular case, their color comes from a very high presence of hydrogen during their formation. Their price and rarity resulted in the rise of popularity of synthetic colored stones.

Purple Sapphire Crystal

Purple Sapphire Ring

On the other hand, purple sapphires are much more affordable and often the first solution for purchasing a purple gemstone engagement ring. This purple stone comes in vivid purple color with high brilliance and shine. Most of the stones are heat-treated in order to enhance their color but that is not the case with sapphires. They come with amazing natural coloring. This stone is a great choice as it is very durable, resistant to chipping, braking, and scratching. 

Purple sapphires are very often confused with amethyst that is much more abundant in nature. The easiest way to compare those two is by holding them one next to another. Only then you will see that sapphire is more brilliant with beautiful sparkle and clarity. Most beautiful setting for this gem is when surrounded by a diamond halo.

When talking about the healing properties of purple sapphire, people believe that it brings wisdom to its wearer, dignity, truth, honesty, spiritual mastery. It is considered as a gemstone of long life and judgment. This gemstone is used for bringing abundance, prosperity, helps people to focus and fulfill their dreams. 

Purple Amethyst Stone

Purple Amethyst Ring

Amethyst is one of the most common and popular purple gemstones used in the jewelry business. It was considered as precious as a diamond, sapphire, emerald, and ruby in the past. Since large mining deposits were found, the price of amethyst gemstone dropped significantly. Amethyst stone comes in every possible shade of purple color with high luster and intense coloring. Since it is a bit softer compared to diamond and sapphire, it can be scratched, chipped or damaged. Considering its low price and beauty, it is one of the best choices for everyday wearing.

Amethyst is found in nature in many colors and shades of purple ranging from pale to very dark color with a red shade within. In case that you expose this purple gemstone to bright light, it can fade over time so make sure to not leave your amethyst jewelry out in the sun. Amethyst formed in nature don't come in big clusters and crystals that are longer than 10 inches are pretty rare. 

When talking about healing properties, purple amethyst is prized for its power to soothe and stimulate emotions and mind. It is believed that it can help with emotional problems, healing, insomnia, nightmares, etc. It is considered as one of the best-supporting gemstones for overworked and stressed people that ease anxieties. 

Purple Jasper Gemstone

Purple Jasper Ring

Jasper is a well-known gemstone for its red color but in nature, this gemstone comes in different colors and shades. Purple Jasper is often found with interesting matrix patterns and inclusions that add to the desirability of this beautiful gemstone. Although it is not a very hard gemstone, due to its compact nature, purple jasper can sustain a lot of abuse and last for a very long time without being damaged. Since it is the pretty affordable gem you can often find it as a fashion statement used for costumes. 

In nature, Jasper comes in many different colors and every stone is considered as a piece of art. It is prized since ancient times and worn by priests, kings, queens, nobility, and shamans. Jasper was considered as sacred gemstone used for protection in the material and spiritual world. 

Purple Jasper is considered as a stone with long healing tradition for stimulating Crown chakra, as a stone of wisdom and authority. It is used for improving memory, helps to preserve dignity, decision making, studying, and focus. This is one of the best healing stones during long illness and hospitalization. It will help you gather strength and support during hard times. 

Purple Tourmaline Crystal

Purple Tourmaline Ring

Purple tourmaline is not that often seen as gemstone used for making jewelry pieces although it looks amazing. Tourmaline is a pretty affordable purple crystal that comes in a huge range of shades. This stone is vibrant and dynamic, especially when you look at those gems from different angles. This purple stone comes with high durability so with low maintenance it will last you a lifetime. 

This purple gemstone is known as Siberite as an association with Siberia where this stone was first found. Its color comes from manganese and iron inclusions. This combination is pretty rare in nature, because of that, tourmaline is one of those gems that gets heat treated pretty often as that enhances its color.

It is often used for healing headaches, migraines, skin disorders, helps with weight loss efforts, enhancing vitality. This stone absorbs and cleans negative energy transforming it into positive. This will lift your energy levels and spirit. Tourmaline is a gemstone that promotes tolerance, kindness, helps to conquer fears and challenges. 

Purple Fluorite Stone

Purple Fluorite Ring

Fluorite is a gemstone that is used in jewelry for making all kinds of jewelry pieces. Even though purple fluorite has amazing color, luster, and transparency it is not that often found in purple color. Of course, we do our best to add purple gems all the time so check our collection. Since this stone tends to be softer than amethyst or sapphire, when worn as a ring, you should understand that you may damage it or chip it with sharp blows.

This fluorite crystal is considered as one of the most peace-giving dedicated to the mind and connecting with the spirit. It is believed that clears the mind, stimulates the third chakra, helps to focus during meditation and boosts psychic abilities. Purple Fluorite is used since ancient times as a stone of protection, defending from evil spirits, curses and for protection from nightmares.

Purple Jade Gemstone

Purple Jade Ring

Jade is most famous for its green color but as a matter of fact, it comes in many different colors. One of the most beautiful is purple for sure. There are two varieties of purple jade gemstone known as Nephrite and Jadeite. Nephrite jade stone is abundant in nature and less expensive while Jadeite is considered as a much higher quality gemstone that is also more expensive. Purple Jade comes with a smooth, waxy luster and can be found as opaque or translucent stone.

Purple Jade is prised for its metaphysical and healing properties since ancient times. This stone is used for boosting creativity, as a talisman of protection, good luck, long life, dispelling negative energy, and balancing nerves. It is known as a great cleansing crystal that helps kidneys, removing toxins from the body and balances alkaline ratios inside the body.

Purple Iolite Crystal

Purple Iolite Ring

Purple iolite is very abundant and really sought after gemstone that comes with the most amazing purple color. Those gems are totally stunning and for their beauty rival much more expensive gemstones, even sapphire. Purple iolite is a highly brilliant gemstone that is found in almost every type of jewelry. On a negative side, it is not very hard and due to its cleavage, it can be cracked or chipped if struck. It comes with a low price mostly because of its abundance. In our opinion, purple iolite is best when used in setting as ring or earring since when it catches light this stone has a most amazing shine and sparkle.

Iolite is considered as a great supporting stone, good for detoxification, reduces fat deposits, helps the liver and regulates digestion. It is also believed that this stone enhances nail and hair growth, helps with problems with nerves, numb limbs, reduces the pain and can help with healing headaches, migraines, dizziness, and disorientation.

Purple Sugilite Stone

Purple Sugilite Ring

Sugilite gemstone was discovered in Japan and immediately categorized as a rare gem. In other regions of the world, small deposits were found as well. As expected, it is not mainstream gemstone and it is rarely used in jewelry. We decided to mention this gemstone because of its beauty and uncommon veins, patterns, and patches that make this purple stone stand out. Sugilite is not durable and can be damaged easily. If you decide to purchase jewelry made from it, make sure that you choose a type of jewelry that is not easily struck or damaged.

Sugilite is used for waking Crown chakra and aligning all chakras. It attracts healing energy and helps counter emotional and mental stress. In case you find yourself in a hard situation, this stone will bring you to light letting you know that life is more than just a current bad situation. This stone will offer you comfort, optimism, and hope, encouraging confidence and forgiveness. 

Purple Spinel Gemstone

Purple Spinel Ring

Purple spinel is not highly sought after and demanded purple stone but it is very beautiful. This gem comes in many different shades of purple color with mauve and lilac shade considered as most attractive. Purple spinel is very durable gemstone and pretty affordable which makes it good for daily wear. Since it is the brilliant gem it is commonly cut into faceted shapes that improve its brilliance.

In the past, spinel was confused for ruby and sapphire. It was recognized as a different gemstone back in 1973. Because of that, many famous crown jewels that are believed to be rubies are now recognized as spinel. Most famous of them all is huge 170 carat Black Prince ruby in the British Crown Jewels

Purple spinel is considered as a healing stone of the whole body. It is used for removing pain, migraines, relieving symptoms of epilepsy, assists with Parkinson disease. This stone is also great for emotional healing as it reduces the feeling of being isolated, helps you to recover from a difficult situation in life. 

There are a few more purple gems that can be found in jewelry stores. Most common is purple agate that can be found in many different color varieties. Purple gems go really well with all metals. Metal color determines the style of jewelry so if combined with white metals like silver, gold or platinum it gives modern look to the gem and adds to the contrast. When combined with rose gold or yellow gold it looks vintage and classical.

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