10 Most Beautiful Purple Gemstone and Engagement Rings

✅10 Most Beautiful Purple Gemstone and Engagement Rings

Right after posting our article about 10 most amazing purple gemstones, our purple rings started selling like hotcakes! Thank you all for sending us emails and suggestions for adding more purple ring suggestions to this page. Since we all have different taste and like different things, this list is my personal choice. As we get more responses, we will add your favorite purple rings to the list as well. Considering that our stocks are running thin, please subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates about available rings in-store (you will also receive our discount code). Thank you again for all your messages and emails!

The purple color is rare in nature and it was always symbolized as the color of nobility, sophistication, emperors, privileged persons, wealth and power. Back in 1900 BC for dying Roman toga, they used around 12000 shellfish to make enough dye to dye it. That is the main reason why the purple color was associated with wealthy individuals. A story is pretty much the same with purple rings. They are very rare and only extremely wealthy and powerful people could afford to wear them in the past. Thankfully, time changed and we can afford to buy purple gemstones today.

Please understand that the following list of 10 most beautiful purple gemstone rings is my personal one that I want to share with you. Feel free to comment and share your suggestions. I will do my best to add more purple rings that you choose over time. It will be really interesting to see what you like and I will be more than happy to share your favorite purple rings with all our visitors and customers.

Breathtaking Purple Amethyst Gemstone Ring for Women

Breathtaking Purple Amethyst Gemstone Ring for Women

This is a very beautiful purple Amethyst gemstone ring. The main gemstone is 6x6 mm purple amethyst gemstone that is surrounded with cubic zircon side stones that are 2x2 mm in diameter. Moreover, on the sides of the ring, you will find 6 smaller purple amethyst stones that are 3x2 mm in diameter. 

Purple Amethyst Natural Gemstone Round Cut Ring


This is another purple amethyst gemstone ring from the collection on AOV Crystal's websites that you need to see. It is a beautiful round cut purple crystal surrounded by cubic zirconia stones. Size of the main purple stone is 10x10 mm in diameter and it can be an amazing gift for a person you like. This ring can be considered as a possible purple engagement ring for the ladies that love this luxurious color.

Plant Natural Purple Amethyst 9.8 ct Ring for Women


This is a beautiful ring made from the square shaped purple amethyst gemstone that is 10x12 mm in diameter rated at 9.8 carats. On the sides, you may see 24 cubic zirconia stones that vary in size.  All in all, this is a stunning ring that you will love wearing on a daily basis.

Vintage Emerald Cut 5.25 ct Purple Amethyst Silver Ring for Women

Vintage Emerald Cut 5.25 ct Purple Amethyst Silver Ring for Women

This vintage style purple crystal amethyst ring is placed in a nice setting surrounded by 6 cubic zircon stones. The main stone is 8x10 mm in diameter, weighs 5.25 carat, emerald cut and polished to shine with high brilliance. This is a really beautiful ring that you can consider as a gift for a special occasion. It is not flashy like the previous one, so with sophisticated purple color, it will add a touch of style to your wardrobe or dress combination. 

Cocktail Vintage Natural Round Amethyst Ring for Women

Cocktail Vintage Natural Round Amethyst Ring for Women

We present you this amazing vintage style cocktail ring that is made from round style purple amethyst stone. The gemstone is 10x14 mm in size with 10.2 carats in weight. This purple stone looks totally mesmerizing being surrounded by 164 cubic zirconia crystals around and on the sides. 

Waterdrop Amethyst Pearl Cut Ring 8.8 Carats for Women

Waterdrop Amethyst Pearl Cut Ring 8.8 Carats for Women

This is one of the most amazing, simple style water drop shaped purple gemstone rings that I have seen lately. The main stone is approximately 10x14 mm big and weighs 8.8 carats. It's not fancy as some other rings that we have on our list but we believe that its beauty comes from simplicity. You will love wearing this beautiful ring. 

Considering that amethyst gemstone is one of the most popular purple stones in the jewelry business, it is expected to be more dominant on our list. As we get new purple crystal rings to our shop we will continue updating the list with your suggestions and rings that are actually available in our store. Let us know in the comments what you would like us to add.

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