15 Beautiful Black Gemstones with Pictures Used in Jewelry

15 Beautiful Black Gemstones with Pictures Used in Jewelry

Black is a specific color with many different meanings and reactions to this sophisticated color. Black stones, just like the black color, is associated with harmonization in your home, environment, and office. Black crystals are associated with power, calm, mystery, sophisticated lifestyle, comfort, protection, new beginnings, and endings. Black gemstones are formal, dignified, associated with intense energy. On a negative side, this color is also associated with depression, disappointment, and negative aspects of a person's life.


In jewelry, black gemstones become to be more often used and much more popular than in the past. Jewelry made from black stones is used as a symbol of strength, power, authority, seriousness, evoking strong emotions and respect. Those jewels are calming and go amazing with elegant clothing radiating sense of sophistication, class, and elegance. Many persons find this color sexy, slimming, and calming.

Now when you understand a bit more symbolism, psychology and meaning of the black color, you will understand better why black gemstones are associated with similar things. Most amazing black crystals are considered modern, stylish, suiting great both males and females being unisex. Black stones pair really well with white metals if you are looking for modern jewelry. If you are more into the classic, vintage look, you should look for rose and yellow gold combinations.




Black Tourmaline Gems

 Black Tourmaline Gemstone Ring

Black tourmaline is one of the most used and commonly used black crystal in the jewelry business for making all types of jewelry. This gemstone is known for its huge range of different colors, but black ones are one of the most common. It is used so much in jewelry because of its beauty, abundance and low cost. This gemstone is well-known for its glassy luster, it is smooth to the touch and very beautiful with secondary tones of brown, blue and yellow color. On the Mohs scale of hardness, black tourmaline comes with a rating of 7 to 7.5. Because of this, it is very suitable for making all types of jewelry. It is very resistant to breaking and chipping. For this reason, you will see large black tourmaline gems in various shapes, from statement pieces, faceted and cabochons.

Black tourmaline is considered as a stone for stimulating reflex points connected with legs, joints, lower back, and for aligning the spine. It is considered as good pain relief, great assistance with torn and strained muscles, scar tissue, numbness, and arthritis. It is believed that this gem can strengthen the immune system, heart, balancing of the brain hemispheres, healing paranoia, and dyslexia. Considered as one of the best stones of purification and cleansing, black tourmaline is great for healing the emotional body from negative energy, bad thoughts, anger, and negative feelings.


Black Garnet Crystal

 Black Garnet Crystal Ring

Even though garnet is mostly known as a red gem, it may be found in nature as a black gem as well. Even though it is pretty rare and not commonly used, we may find different types of jewelry made from this black stone. Black stones variants are known as andradite and melanite. Black melanite variant is more often used in jewelry and it is very similar to black tourmaline for the color. Although, it has a higher luster and is often faceted in order to bring out stones brilliance.  Black garnet comes with a pretty good rating on the Mohs scale so it is very resistant to breaking and chipping. Jewelry made with it will last you for a long time.

Garnet is best known as a crystal that reduces toxins in the body and stimulates metabolism. In the past, people used this stone for blood purification, healing lungs, and heart, mineral assimilation. It is used for its calming capabilities, protection, emotional healing, and warding off bad dreams. It is very useful for people going through a crisis when they feel that there is no way out of a bad situation.


Black Agate Crystal

 Black Agate Gemstone Ring

Agate is a semiprecious gemstone that comes in a huge variety and quality of the crystal. In nature, agate crystal doesn’t come with impressive looks, colors or patterns. Thankfully, it is a very porous stone that readily accepts dying as enhancement process so we can find it in various colors and patterns. Black agate comes as a result of impurities inside the crystal structure that seep through the cavity of the gem. This gem is one of the earliest ones that were used for making jewelry in the past. It is an amazing stone for making jewelry so you will find it used for making rings, earrings, beads, pendants and all other types of jewelry. Being cheap and easily obtained, jewelry made from black agate is very affordable and easy to find in jewelry stores.

Like most black gemstones, black agate is used as a protection crystal, for calming and boosting inner strength. Its healing capabilities are connected with the bones, joints, shoulder and neck pain. This stone will bring your body in balance, especially if you are an older person. It is a great gemstone for supporting independence, boosting self-esteem, and self-support. Black agate is believed to help to bring peace by helping you identify your causes of stress, helping you remain calm and get your feelings back in order.


Black Onyx Stone

 Black Onyx Stone Ring

Onyx is a famous black gemstone that has been used in jewelry since ancient times. It was used for making all types of jewelry and as a healing gemstone as well. Black onyx stone is in essence agate gemstone with alternating layers of color. Most popular onyx gems come with alternate black and white coloring. It's a smooth gem with amazing luster but not shiny. Onyx is not that common stone in nature and it is not easy to find. For this reason, most of the stones found in stores are in fact dyed in order to produce gems that have even color and saturation. In order to maximize the luster of this stone, it is cut en cabochon. This is a very durable crystal with a rating of 7 on the Mohs scale. Even though it is very durable, make sure to not hit it hard as you can damage it and chip it.

Black onyx is used since ancient time as protection gemstone known for its absorbing and transformation capabilities. This stone will transform all negative energy accumulated in your mind and body, helping you regain order and prevent energy draining. IT will help you regain stamina and physical strength, support you during a hard time and help you make good decisions. You can use this amazing black crystal to encourage happiness, boost your memory, regain strength. It is one of the best gemstones for meditation.


Black Spinel Crystal

Black Spinel Crystal Ring

Black spinel is not very well known gem mostly because of its rarity in nature but it is sought after by gem collectors. This crystal can be found in many different colors but black is rarest for sure. This black stone comes with high luster, good clarity, brilliance and it is very reflective. In order to get most of it, it is often cut in different shapes: square, pear, cushion, and marquise. On the Mohs scale of hardness, black spinel comes with a rating of 8 which makes it very suitable for making all types of jewelry. It is suitable for daily wear and should last you for a very long time with minimal attention and maintenance. Jewelry made from this interesting crystal is eye-catching and admired by many.

Black spinel crystal activates Root chakra bringing balance, calmness, and soothing negative emotions. It is great supporting and protection stone during hard and challenging situations. People state that it is a great stone for relieving depression, reducing stress, boosting energy levels in the body. In the past, it was used for improving mental power, concentration, and memory.


Black Pearl Gem

Black Pearl Stone Ring

Yes, black pearls really exist in nature and can be found. Of course, they are extremely rare in most cases cultured on pearl farms. In order to be formed, black pearls require specific conditions. Because they are not easy to produce, they are considered as the most expensive pearls in the market. Since the famous movie “Pirates of the Caribean” hit the shelves, black pearls gained massive popularity. Unfortunately, this is a pretty delicate organic gem that is very soft and prone to scratching and damage having a rating of only 2.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness. If you really desire jewelry made from this gentle and gorgeous black gem, make sure that you care for it.

Since ancient times people believed in black pearls ability to bring abundance, prosperity, and luck into the life of the person wearing it. It is used as an amazing protection stone that is able to repel all negativity from your surrounding. Black pearls are used for boosting confidence, courage, help you achieve greatness, brings happiness, and success. If you decide to wear this organic gemstone, it will help you achieve your goals especially if you are really dedicated and willing to give all. This stone will fill your hearth with gentle energy, help you calm your thoughts and repel negative ones.


Black Opal Gems

Black Opal Gemstone Ring

For a long time, people doubted that black opals can be found in nature. Thanks to the mines in Australia from which most of the world supply comes, we know that this stone can be found. For the value, rarity and price, black opals can beat even diamonds. Of course, we all have different taste but black diamonds are out of this world for sure. Now, you need to understand that black opals are not uniformly black, they come with different colors, shades, and tones that are on a black background of the gemstone. All those colors pop out to resonate with beauty on the dark background. It is a pretty hard stone suitable for making all types of jewelry.

Black opal gemstone is one of the best stones for protecting the relationship, bringing balance int it, helps with understanding, help you enjoy your life and laugh. It is used for strengthening the immune system, purification, protecting the liver. This stone was always associated with money, luck, and abundance. Wearing this gem will help you manifest anything you want. It will help you with depression, feeling that you are hopeless, help you ease the stress and face your fears.


Black Fluorite Crystal

Black Fluorite Crystal Ring

Fluorite is considered a colorful crystal that is easily tinted with different impurities. For this reason, we may find this interesting crystal in different colors, from white to black, clear, purple, yellow, green, and blue. Black fluorite gemstones are not that common in nature but can be found. Considering that this stone is not that hard with a score of 4 on the Mohs scale, jewelry made from fluorite can last if properly maintained and cared about.

Fluorite is considered as one of the most interesting stones for stabilizing and cleansing an aura. It is capable of absorbing negative energy and stress that is accumulated over the years. It is believed that this gem helps with concentration problems, learning, helps with making decisions and self-confidence. This stone encourages positive energy and feelings, improves both mental and physical balance. In the past, it was used for improving the immune system, regeneration of the skin, for bone-related problems like rheumatism or arthritis.


Black Obsidian Stone

Black Obsidian Stone Ring

Black obsidian stone is considered to be a natural glass that is formed in cases when lava hardens and cools very rapidly. For this reason, the obsidian gemstone is well known as Volcanic Glass. Since ancient times this gem was used for many things, from making jewelry to a weapon. This black stone is very smooth and comes with high luster. In jewelry, black obsidian gems are cut en cabochon since that brings out its luster. Even though this stone looks hard and durable, it comes with a rating of 5.5 on the Mohs scale so it is considered as not that hard. It is prone to scratching and breaking so make sure that you don’t hit your jewelry. With a little bit of care, black obsidian jewelry will last you for a long time.

Black obsidian is well known for its grounding and stabilizing effects which makes it one of the most interesting stones for collecting scattered energy. If you have a feeling that you spread yourself all over the place, holding obsidian gemstone will help you restore harmony. Obsidian radiates transformative energy and magnifies healing energy. It is a great gem that you should have by your side as it gives patience, strength, dispels negativity and stress, releases tension, helps with digestion and viral infections.


Black Zircon Crystal

Black Zircon Gemstones Ring

Black zircon gemstone is a highly brilliant stone that was often used as a diamond substitute. Unfortunately, this stone is often confused for synthetic cubic zirconia because of the similar name. As a matter of fact, zircon is actually a natural gem that can be used as a substitute. Black zircon naturally occurs in nature due to iron oxide inclusions forming inside the crystal. This gemstone comes with 6 to 7.5 hardness on the Mohs scale which makes it good for making all types of jewelry but can be damaged or chipped. In nature, black zircon is very hard and difficult to find so it is not that commonly found in jewelry stores.

Zircon is considered as one of the best stones for wearing if you have problems with the liver and gallbladder. Its healing energy helps calming allergies, asthma, lung infections, bronchial problems, and other respiratory issues. Ladies should wear it for its pain easing effects especially if you have menstrual problems. On an emotional level, zircon is considered as one of the most effective stones for overcoming big losses in life, bringing emotional stability and protection.


Black Moonstone Crystal

Black Moonstone Crystal Ring

Moonstone is often shown as white stone in most jewelry stores but in nature, it can also be found as a black gem. Although, in most cases, it is not entirely black but comes in different shades of beige, gray, blue, peach, and white shimmer. This stone is formed from the magma. It also has interesting fluorescent properties appearing blue under long wave light and orange under short wave lights. Biggest mines are found in Sri Lanka but it is also mined in other places around the world. This black crystal is suitable for making all types of jewelry and you will enjoy wearing unique and beautiful gems made with this stone.

Healing energy of black moonstone is connected with the earth and resonates with the base chakra. This helps with grounding with spirituality. It's a very powerful meditation stone, providing protection and helps with developing psychic abilities. In the past, it was often used for emotional aid and healing, for healing stomach problems, kidneys, and spleen.


Black Jet Stone

Black Jet Stone Ring

Black jet is not that well known organic gemstone that is formed from fossilized wood. Sometimes it is referred to as “Black Amber” due to its similarities to it. Black jer is warm to the touch, contains electrostatic properties and actually highly flammable. In the past, this gem was very popular during the Victorian Era and used as mourning jewelry. Due to its low hardness, 2.4 to 4 on the Mohs scale, it is not actually great for everyday wear and can be damaged if struck. It is a smooth and lustrous stone that absorbs light with no reflecting properties. Jewelry made from black jet really looks interesting and it is different from other stones.

Black jet stone is considered as a stone for healing grief since it is great absorbent of negative feelings and energy. It is often used for helping with the recovery after a big loss, depression, and sadness. This black stone is connected with the earth, providing protection, luck, and bringing abundance into your life. In the past, healers used it for meditation, relieving pain, migraines, cleaning other gemstones and negative vibrations.


Black Sapphire Gemstone

Black Sapphire Gemstone Ring

Sapphire is known all over the world for its beautiful blue color but it can be also found as a black gemstone. In nature, they are pretty rare and most of them come uniform in color. Slight variations may be found with different depth in color and color variations. They are not brilliant and don’t reflect light very well but can have mirror look if faceted. The most beautiful variant is black star sapphires that come with star-like inclusions. Even though they are rare their price is not very high because most of the gems come from mines in Australia that doesn't come with great quality. Just like all sapphires, black gems come with a rating of 9 on the Mohs scale meaning that it is highly durable gemstone ideal for making all types of jewelry.

Black sapphire is one of the best stones that you can carry during dark times when you feel terrible and when you are in need to put your life back on track. It was often used by people going through a tragic period when you have difficulties and don’t know how to overcome problems. Black sapphire is great protection stone, it deflects negativity and sorrow, brings light, compassion, and strength. It was used often for relieving pain, helps with vein problems and thrombosis.


Black Jade Stone

 Black Jade Stone Ring

Jade is one of the most well-known gemstone originating from China. It is very sought after stone that is a famous representative for green gems. Black jade gems are formed due to a high amount of iron inside the crystal structure. It often comes with slightly green hints. Similar to green jade stone, it is found in two variants - Jadeite and Nephrite. This gem comes with a rating of 6 on the Mohs scale which makes it suitable for making all types of jewelry.

Black Jade is considered a stone of independence, independent living, an inspiration that encourages respect and brings balance. This stone will calm overwhelmed mind, bringing it into balance, soothing negativity and bad feelings. It is believed that Jade is one of the most beneficial stones for absorbing negative emotions and energy, transforming it providing protection. It will give you courage, help you overcome problems, and break bad behavior patterns.


Black Diamond Gemstone

Black Diamond Gemstone Ring

Not that long ago, black diamonds are considered worthless. Today, they are one of the most sought after gems often seen in high-end fashion, on red carpets and runways. Black diamonds are different from other gems, they reflect light in a specific way with dimmed brillance. Color of this mesmerizing stone comes from impurities found in the crystal structure. In nature, they are very hard to find. Of course, this gem comes with the highest rating of 10 on the Mohs scale. However, impurities found inside the gemstone can compromise its hardness. Since they are hard to find in nature, most of the black diamond stones in the marketplace are heat treated or synthetic variants that are much more affordable.

Black diamonds are not just fashion symbols, they were prized since ancient times for their beauty and healing energy. They bring strength, self-confidence, provide spiritual freedom, helps with learning. It is believed that they bring great power in the relationship. For persons looking for someone to spend life with, those gems will help to make a good decision. They bring strong emotions with them, bring wealth, prosperity, good fortune, happiness, joy, and financial stability.

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