15+ Red Gemstones Often Used for Making Jewelry

15+ Red Gemstones Often Used for Making Jewelry

Throughout human history, red gemstones were one of the most popular crystals used for making jewelry. They are symbols for deepest positive and negative feelings like love, passion, sexuality, excitement, strength, courage and also aggression, anger, danger, and war.


Red stones have strong effects on our bodies, they draw attention, raise blood pressure, enhance metabolism functions. Just like in color psychology, different shades of red gemstones represent different feelings.

Red gemstones are highly sought after stones for millennia. Most beautiful, eye-catching jewelry is made from those crystals. In the past, worn often by kings, queens, nobility, wealthy persons, and people in power. Nowadays, jewelry made from red gems is much more affordable and accessible to all of us. In nature, many gems are purely red, but most of them come in different shades with inclusions and patterns displaying most amazing color effects. In the following list, we will focus on most beautiful gemstones that you need to consider for your next jewelry purchase.




Red Ruby Gemstone

Red Ruby Gemstone Ring

Ruby is one of the four precious gemstones considered as one of the rarest of them all. Thanks to its beautiful color and rarity, this red gem is one of the most sought after colored stones. Most rubies found in the market today are either heat-treated for color enhancement or synthetic. Finding pure, natural rubies is very hard. Of course, you don’t need to worry about buying them since it is industry standard to state everything about the stone on the certificate. Most valuable, vivid in color and expensive rubies are known as “pigeon blood” rubies. On the Mohs scale of hardness, rubies have a rating of 9, which makes this red crystal suitable for making all types of jewelry.

Rubies are great gemstones used for energizing, healing infections, reduce blood clots and detoxify the blood. This stone was used for improving circulation, healing blood-related disorders and blood pressure. It was also used to treat problems associated with feet and leg blood circulation. When talking about the ruby association with your feelings, this stone will improve your attitude about life, boost your enthusiasm, help you feel better and more energized. Its red color intensifies emotions and passion. Since ancient times, this gemstone was used for bringing joy, wealth, love, and power.


Red Agate Crystal

Red Agate Crystal Ring

Red agate gemstone is pretty hard to find in just one color. In most cases, this beautiful stone comes banded with layers of grey and white color. If you find in store completely red agate, there is a high chance that that crystal was actually dyed. In general, its color varies from translucent to opaque. This red crystal comes with a waxy luster and gorgeous smooth sheen. Because of this, it is often cut into cabochons. On the Mohs scale of hardness, red agate gems have a rating of 7 making them very suitable for creating all types of jewelry. With a little bit of care, this gem will last you a lifetime. In general, it is very affordable crystal and most of its price depends on a level of craftsmanship involved for its making.

Red agate crystal was associated with the color of blood (hence the name "Blood Agate"), so it is used for treating blood-related disorders, circulation, and menstrual problems. Color of the stone will boost your stamina, physical and mental energy. In the past this red stone was often used for curing fertility issues, it was used for helping women to get pregnant and maintain their pregnancy. It was considered as survival gemstone especially for those people who lost the will to live, who have a tendency to self-harm of just neglect themselves. Red agate crystal is great for persons that want to restore passion and live a better life in general.


Red Beryl Stone

Red Beryl Stone Ring

Red beryl stone is not that well known and popular mostly do its rarity in nature. In the same beryl family, you will find gems that are more famous like emerald, aquamarine, and morganite. A red beryl variant is known as bixbite although it is often called as “red emerald” as well. No matter how you decide to call this beautiful gemstone, it comes with pinkish and reddish shades, often found as a small stone that weights under 1 carat. This gem often comes with inclusion and because of its rarity and beauty, it is often bought by gemstone collectors.

Red beryl stone opens Base chakra and connects it to the person's heart. It is considered a powerful gemstone for boosting creativity, courage, and passion. Its mesmerizing red color comes from manganese that is important for cell reproduction. Red beryl is used for increasing stamina and vitality, especially with older persons. This stone is considered as one of the best assisting stones for support of liver, reproductive organs, metabolic processes, blood, and bones.


Red Garnet Gem

Red Garnet Gem Ring

Garnet family of gemstones is pretty large and more material for a long article due to its huge variety. Its a group of gems with similar crystal structure but different chemical composition. We recognize different types:

  • Almandine Garnet (most common, hardness 7-7.5, highly reflective and brilliant)
  • Malaya Garnet (a mixture of spessartine and pyrope, rare, highly sought after)
  • Pyrope Garnet (most famous, hardness 7-7.5, dark red similar to Ruby, affordable)
  • Rhodolite Garnet (a mixture of pyrope and almandine, lighter color, confused for Ruby)
  • Spessartite Garnet (reddish-orange color, hardness 7.5, high brilliance, comes with inclusions)
  • Star Garnet (a mixture of pyrope and almandine, star looking inclusions, found in the USA, opaque brownish red to reddish black color)


Red garnet is considered for very powerful regeneration and energizing gemstone. It is often used for cleaning and energizing all chakras, for balancing and purification, passion, inspiring love and devotion. This interesting red stone was used in the time of crisis, coping with traumatic emotions, for strengthening and fortification. If you decide to wear red garnet as your gemstone, you will have more courage, be more aware, and happier.


Red Topaz Crystal

Red Topaz Crystal Ring

Red topaz crystal is one of the rarest and most valuable topaz stones found in the jewelry stores. This gem comes in few variants, pinkish-red and orange-pink variants are called “precious topaz” while most precious gems are often sold as “imperial topaz”. Yes, it's a bit confusing mostly because it is not well-defined. In any case, red topaz stones come with amazing durability, rated with a score of 8 the Mohs scale. In nature, this stone is fairly abundant and often used for making all types of jewelry. In jewelry stores, it is pretty common to find enhanced and heat-treated stones.

Topaz is used since ancient times for manifesting well-being, health, helping with problems inside the body. It is the great gemstone for aiding digestion, nerve fortification, for metabolism stimulation. Since it is often connected to metabolism, it is believed that this stone helps with all kinds of eating disorders, especially with anorexia. This stone is used for healing the emotional body, cleaning negativity, building confidence, self-reliance, and self-esteem.


Red (Fire) Opal Stone

Red Fire Opal Stone Ring

Fire opal gemstone is one of the most unusual varieties of opal stone that originates from Mexico. Color of this interesting gemstone changes from light yellowish to very bright orange-red color. Like most opal stones, quality of this stone is often on a lower side due to its high water content that ranges from just a few percents to twenty. This can lead to breaking and chipping of the stone. If you take proper care of your gemstone jewelry then this gemstone can last you for a very long time, just make sure to not struck this gem with force. Being transparent stone with deep color, fire opals are often cut en cabochon showing off their beauty and unique shine. Their price varies and depends on a color play inside the stone, their color intensity, clarity, and saturation.

Fire opal is often used for boosting sexuality, healing sexual organs, and for healing fertility issues for both males and females. It is a great stone for balancing hormones, often associated with menstrual problems. It is used for soothing issues with lower back and abdomen. On an emotional level, fire opal will help you be more optimistic, outgoing, gaining confidence in your abilities. By wearing this red stone you will feel more energized, lively, enthusiastic, and happier.


Red Tourmaline Gem

Red Tourmaline Gem Ring

Tourmaline is one of those gems that can be found in every possible color. It is a very popular and fairly expensive crystal. Red tourmaline gemstone in most cases comes with a high level of clarity and free of all inclusions. They are often faceted in order to bring out reflection of this mesmerizing stone that has amazing luster. A variation known as rubellite is one of the most popular and comes with a pinkish-red or red-purple color that is very vivid. This stone can also lack vividness. Even though not as beautiful as specimens that are vivid, they are also very interesting and sought after. Red tourmaline comes with a rating of 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale which makes it suitable for making all types of jewelry. As a matter of fact, you may find this gem faceted in every possible shape.

Red tourmaline is one of the best gemstones for boosting vitality and detoxification. It is used for treating all digestive problems, stimulates blood circulation, liver functions, spleen, anemia, heart problems, and reproductive organs issues. It is a great stone for soothing muscle spasms. This interesting red crystal will help you be more social, take action, in harmony, diplomatic, and enthusiastic. It is associated with the base chakra, used for repealing negative thoughts, negative actions, boosting passion, stamina, and libido.


Red Coral Stone

Red Coral Stone Ring

Red coral is another organic gemstone similar to pearls. Red corals are found in oceans, made by coral polyps. As they grow and dye, huge coral reefs are formed and later harvested for gemstones. They are very popular and sought after for their intense color and beautiful luster. Natural stones are not lustrous but once polished and waxed they get a nice smooth surface. Most of those gems come from specific coral species known as “corallium rubrum” that is very suitable for making jewelry. Considering that it is after all organic stone, it is pretty soft and comes with a rating of 3 to 4 on the Mohs scale. Because of this, it is advisable to buy jewelry that is not often hit or scratched, for example, earrings. Considering their rarity, most of the gems described as red corals in jewelry stores tend to be dyed or imitations.

Red coral is a soft gemstone that is closely associated with pregnancy, ovaries, and it is used for stimulating ovulation. It is often used for deepening connection with the parents and newborn babies, especially for creating the bond between adopted children and new parents. In the past, this red gem was used for improving relationships with mothers and daughters. In the past, it was used as protection gemstone against depression. It was used for treating colic, heartburns, hiccups, kidney and bladder disorders.


Red Jasper Crystal

Red Jasper Crystal Ring

Red Jasper crystal is one of the most popular quartz variations available in jewelry stores. They are found in nature in many variations, colors, and patterns including red color. Patterns that occur in the stone are often in the shape of stripes, spots or “flames”. Red Jasper gemstone often comes with many inclusions of brown, yellow, gray, and orange color. Gems that have just one color as very rare. Gems that come with red color as dominant are most common in nature, they are always opaque and come with high luster. Most of the gems that you may find in jewelry stores are not treated. This stone comes with a hardness of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale and can withstand a bit of abuse.

Red Jasper is an interesting gemstone that is used for soothing emotional, physical and mental pain. It was often used for calming emotions and as a stimulant in fixing problems, dispelling bad dreams and nightmares. It is used as a stone for stimulating the base chakra, cleanses the aura and detoxifies the body. It is considered as one of the most beneficial healing stone for strengthening circulation, cleaning blood and liver. Throughout history, it was used as a crystal for endurance, reactivating passion for living, and restoring libido.


Red Spinel Gemstone

Red Spinel Gemstone Ring

Since ancient times one of the most interesting and popular red gemstones is spinel for sure, together with garnet and tourmaline. This stone comes in nature in many different colors so you may already found it in other articles here on AOV Crystals. This interesting gemstone is known as the greatest imposter in the jewelry world. It is mined in the same mines together with rubies. For this reason, and since it is similar to ruby, it was often mistaken for this precious gemstone. This gorgeous gem is also part of the Royal Crown Jewels where 352-carat ruby is identified to actually be spinel in 1851. Red spinel is transparent stone, often free of all inclusions, brilliant, and displays a high level of clarity. It comes with a rating of 8 on the Mohs scale. Being fairly affordable and durable, it is one of the best gems you can get as your next piece of jewelry.

Red spinel is believed to help with inflammation problems and blood disorders. The gentle energy of this stone will help relieving pain, digestion problems, osteoporosis, and osteoarthritis. It is one of the best gems for improving overall health. In the past, people gifted red spinel to the middle or youngest child in order to help them be more independent. This stone will give you strength in hard and complicated situations like job loss or divorce. It is used for boosting creativity.


Red Carnelian Gem

Red Carnelian Gem Ring

Red carnelian is another quartz variety that is distinguished by its orange-red to brown-red color. It varies from transparent to opaque, a fairly durable gemstone that comes with a rating of 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness. In ancient times, this red crystal was highly valued but its desirability fell down over time. It is nowadays considered more like a vintage gemstone that goes great in setting with tarnished silver.

In the past, carnelian was considered as a very beneficial gemstone for women, that is able to heal the reproductive system, protects ovaries, cervix, and vagina. It was used for regulating menstrual cycles, help with cramps, eases the pain, regulates body fluids, rheumatism, and back problems. Also, this red gem is not just for women, it is beneficial also for men helping them overcome impotency. Carnelian is believed to be stabilizing gemstone with very high energy level, helps with restoring motivation and vitality.


Red Labradorite Crystal (Andesine Labradorite)

Red Labradorite Crystal Ring

Andesine-labradorite is fairly new, a mesmerizing red gemstone that was introduced to the market in the early 2000s. Its color comes with traces of orange, green, and yellow ting that is somewhat similar to labradorite. This interesting gemstone comes with glassy luster. Red labradorite is often faceted as that brings out the brilliance of this stone. On the Mohs scale of hardness, it comes with a hardness of 6 to 6.5 which makes it pretty good for making most types of jewelry designs. It is sometimes used as a ruby replacement. This interesting stone can be enhanced and dyed in different colors.

Labradorite is the very beneficial gemstone for general health, for the nerves, brain, eyes, and bones. It is able to restore the balance of brain chemistry, proving to be helpful with Parkinson's disease, retinal problems, cerebral palsy, and multiple sclerosis. It is helpful for relieving stress, treats cold, rheumatism and relieves menstrual tension and pain. On an emotional level, it is used for relieving emotional stress, helps people understand their relationship, reinvent themselves, and their believes.


Tigers Eye Stone

Red Tigers Eye Stone Ring

Tigers eye is an interesting red gemstone that comes as reddish to brownish red stone. It is a type of quartz, fairly abundant and easy to find in nature. This interesting red stone is very often banded, smooth with silky luster, and comes with very interesting darker color patterns that add to the character of this beautiful earthy gem. Tigers eye is prized and cherished by many people,   those that love bohemian touch to their jewelry. On the Mosh scale of hardness, it comes with a rating of 6.5 to 7 which makes this stone very useful for making all types of jewelry designs.

Red Tigers eye gemstone is often associated with blood cell disorders, anemia, eye infections. This stone is considered as great for improving overall health, strength, and vitality. It is believed that tigers eye can help with menstrual and menopause problems, increases libido, overcomes potency problems and sexual dysfunction. This stone is a great assistant for persons looking for ways to improve personal power, gain inner strength, courage, and belief in yourself.


Red Zircon Crystal

Red Zircon Crystal Ring

Red zircon is one of the most beautiful gemstones that suffer from a bad reputation mostly because of people ignorance. It is most of the time mistaken for cubic zirconia that is used as a cheap diamond substitute. Zircon is, as a matter of fact, a somewhat rare gemstone that comes with the brilliance that is close to diamonds. In the jewelry industry, this stone is one of the most important ones. Red zircon is one of the rarest color variants that comes with a pink, orange or brown tint. On the Mohs scale of hardness, it comes with a rating of 6.5 to 7.5 which makes it suitable for making all jewelry designs. For all its beauty, brilliance and luster, it is one of the most amazing gems that you can find on the market. Don’t turn around your head next time when you hear about Zircon but take a closer look and prize its beauty.

Red zircon crystal is believed to be a great assisting stone for reducing symptoms of all viruses and infections. In the past, this gem was used for relieving pain, healing after wound and injuries, easing insomnia problems and for encouraging pleasant and restful sleep. Its healing potential is associated with healing intestines, liver, and bladder. On the emotional level, red zircon was often used for reducing emotional problems, bringing happiness and peace into your life. It is often used for increasing vitality, will for living and overcoming exhaustion.


Red Diamond Gemstone

Red Diamond Gemstone Ring

Red diamonds are considered as most beautiful, high-quality gemstones that are extremely rare and hard to find. Their color, unlike most crystals, comes from deformations in the crystal structure. Therefore, when light passes through this stone it appears to be red. Most of the red diamonds come with a secondary tint that affects the price of the gem. Finest specimens can be sold from a few thousand dollars per carat to over one million dollars. Since most of the diamonds go through an enhancement process that improves its color it is incredibly rare to find untreated red diamonds. As everyone knows already, diamonds are the hardest gems in the word rated with a score of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness. They are suitable for making all types of jewelry designs.

Diamond is most commonly used for increasing power output of other crystals. If you decide to use its energy make sure that you understand it since, as it can increase the power of negative energy as well. It is one of the most capable gems for clearing emotional and mental pain, bringing new beginnings, reducing fear, promoting strength, power, and self-belief. Diamond is a stone of creativity, invention, increasing strength of character and faith.

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