15 Yellow Gemstones Used In Jewelry with Images

15+ Yellow Gemstones Used In Jewelry with Images

With the rise of popularity of colored gemstones, more and more people look for yellow gemstones as one of the most beautiful gems that you can find. Yellow crystals and their color are associated with happiness, joy, hope, fun, enthusiasm, friendliness, optimism, and confidence. Its a color of the sun and sunshine, creativity, spring, rebirth, and inspiration.

Yellow color and yellow gemstones as well are associated with the mind and intellect. Studies show that yellow resonates with the logic side of the brain stimulating healthy functioning, inspiring new ideas, thinking, original thoughts, and mental challenge. Yellow gemstones are often associated with mental clarity, helps with decision making, helps increase energy, concentration, relieve panic, and exhaustion.

When assessing color, tone, quality, and price of yellow gemstones you should know that most expensive stones are clear and with orange as a secondary color. Although yellow gems may come with green and brown secondary color as well. In any case, when describing specific gemstones I will mention their overall price and popularity as well. Considering that there are more than 100 yellow gemstones, I will focus on more popular ones and update this article with more examples and images.




Yellow Citrine Gemstone

Yellow Citrine Gemstone Ring

Citrine is considered as one of the most beautiful and popular yellow gemstones. This interesting stone comes with a brownish or orange secondary color. Citrine is known for its high clarity, transparency, and a vitreous luster. It does not come with visible impurities. This yellow gem is abundant and easily found in the Earth’s crust so the price of this stone is pretty low. Being affordable and beautiful gemstone, it is obvious why people love to wear and buy jewelry made with it. On the Mohs scale of hardness, it comes with a rating of 7 making it great for everyday wear. In overall, this is a beautiful yellow crystal suitable for making all types of jewelry.

Citrine is listed as modern November birthstone associated with happiness, positivity, warmth, creativity, and sun. This yellow gemstone is considered a powerful cleanser of negative energy. It is often used when you need to ward off negativity and negative people from your life. In the past, people used to wear it for soothing stomach problems, depression, and sadness. It stimulates positive energy, fortifies nerves, and mental activity. This yellow stone shines with positivity so you should wear it to boost your self-confidence, improve motivation, and expression. It will help you dispell negative thoughts, phobias, depression, and fears.

Yellow Sapphire Crystal

Yellow Sapphire Crystal Ring

Even though whenever we hear its name we think of a mesmerizing blue crystal. As a matter of fact, sapphires come in all colors except in red. Yellow sapphires are beautiful crystals that come in a huge range of yellow color, from pale to very intense. Their color comes from iron present inside the crystal structure and more iron results in more vivid color. Second, only to diamonds for beauty, hardness and price, sapphires are an amazing choice for buying engagement rings and any other jewelry design. Sapphires can be heat treated or irradiated for color intensity stabilization.

Yellow sapphire is associated since ancient time with wisdom, knowledge, fortune, prosperity and good luck. On a physical level, this bright stone helps to restore balance, treating digestive problems, heals the liver, skin conditions, lungs, and throat. It is used for eliminating toxins from the body. Wearing this beautiful gem will help energize your whole body, ward off depression, fear, stress, and help you think clearly and calm.

Yellow Tourmaline Stone

Yellow Tourmaline Stone Ring

Tourmaline is a very interesting gemstone for jewelry as it comes in every color of the rainbow. Even though it can be found in all colors, yellow tourmaline gemstones are actually very rare. Their color comes from manganese impurities inside a tourmaline crystal structure. In fact, most natural yellow tourmalines come with inclusions. Main characteristics of this yellow stone are high brilliance, very vivid color and rating of 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale. It is often faceted which brings out the color and brilliance of this gemstone. With just a little bit of attention and maintenance, tourmaline jewelry will last you a lifetime.

Yellow tourmaline is believed to break negativity and negative energy helps cleaning energy of the person wearing it stimulating positivity. This stone resonates with solar plexus chakra, improves person energy, helps spiritual growth, aid understanding others. It is often used for promoting confidence, dispels fear, and releases tension.


Yellow Jade Stones

Yellow Jade Stone Ring

It is pretty hard to find natural yellow jade stones as they are pretty rare and more valuable than green jades. It is considered as one of the most beautiful and eye-catching gems. Just like every jade, yellow stones can be found in two varieties: Nephrite and Jadeite. Color of this enigmatic gemstone ranges from pale to dark gold yellow and can be translucent to opaque. Jade stones come with an irresistible, smooth texture that will make you want to touch it all the time. This stone is not famous for its hardness so it would be advisable to choose jewelry made from Jade that is not prone to be struck as pendants, necklaces, earrings or brooches.

Since Jade is strongly built-in Chinese culture and history, they dug deep into meaning and used of this yellow gemstone. They use it as a symbol of wealth, friendship, fortune, loyalty, healing liver and kidney problems, heart problems, bladder, and digestion. It is a symbol of love, relationship, balance, emotional stability, and wisdom. Yellow jade is used often as cleaning gemstone, for removing toxins from the body, balancing fluids, and removing the pain.

Yellow Topaz Crystal

Yellow Topaz Crystal Ring

In traditional birthstone gem list, Topaz is listed as November birthstone and one of the best choices for persons looking for yellow gem jewelry. This yellow stone sparkles with golden hues, vitreous sheen, high brilliance and comes in two variations: common yellow topaz and “Imperial Topaz”. While normal gems are pretty common in nature and affordable, Imperial Topaz, that is known for its darker color, is very rare and expensive. This crystal has a hardness of 8 on the Mohs scale making it very suitable for making all types of jewelry.

Yellow topaz gemstone has many uses for physical and emotional healing. It is used for bringing truth and wisdom to the wearer aiding better communication, strengthening faith and bringing optimism. It will help you reconsider your own abilities and recognize the people that will benefit from your help. It is the great gemstone for improving charisma, be more pride in your accomplishments. It is believed that wearing this yellow stone aids treating liver problems, bladder, cell regeneration, and overall health.

Yellow Zircon Crystal

Yellow Zircon Crystal Ring

Zircon is one of the most beautiful, sparkling, eye-catching gemstone that comes in many different colors. Yellow zircon crystal is known for its mesmerizing vivid color that comes with golden yellow-brown hue. For its high brilliance, sparkle and beauty, this is the only gemstone that can rival diamonds for the beauty especially when faceted. The main difference is hardness, while diamonds are hardest, zircon comes with 6 to 7.5 rating on the Mohs scale. Its very useful stone for making jewelry but can be damaged or cracked.

Yellow Opal Stone

Yellow Opal Stone Ring

Opal is a beautiful gemstone known for its play of colors and flashes. Even though this stone comes often as a white gemstone or with dark tones, it can be found in other colors as well. Fire opals are often found as red, yellow and orange gemstones. Yellow opals are the most common and affordable of all opals. Once cut smooth or faceted, they reveal beautiful colors and texture. Even though they don’t display famous opal play of color they are just as mesmerizing. With a hardness of 5.5, yellow opals are not very hard gems. They are more suitable for earrings, brooches, and pendants. Of course, you may wear opal rings just pay a little bit of attention not to struck them hard.

Yellow opal is believed to have revitalizing effects on the person's body. Considering that this stone amplifies all emotions, it is advised to not wear it if you really feel down. In any case, yellow opal can help you feel better, improving your motivation and attract positive thoughts. In the past, it was often used for removing blockages especially those connected with personal growth.

Yellow Amber Stone

Yellow Amber Stone Ring

Amber is one of the most famous organic gemstone made from fossilized tree resin through a process that is more than 30 million years old. This yellow gemstone is famous for its insect and plant matter inclusions. Even though amber is not very expensive, mentioned inclusions may bump up the price of this gem. Most of the amber found in nature are small in size so if you find large piece be aware that it may be made from a few pieces that went through the heat treatment process. Amber is soft gemstone with a rating of 2 on the Mohs scale. Be aware that chemicals may damage this gem.

Yellow amber is used as one of the most powerful healing gemstones that are able to clean the mind, the body, and spirit as well. Moreover, it is used by healers for cleansing their home and office. This beautiful stone will help you draw out any disease from your body, speeding the healing process, help to balance, and absorbing negativity from your body and mind. It is often used as a gem for encouraging decision making, helps with patience, and creativity.

Yellow (Golden) Pearls

Yellow Golden Pearl Ring

Pearls are well-known organic gemstones that come in a few colors and many shapes. We associate them most of the time with white color but pears can be pink, black, golden yellow, gray, and purple as well. Golden pears are very rare and approximately just 1% of cultured pearls come in this mesmerizing color with a satin surface. For this reason, natural golden pearls come with a hefty price tag. If you really want those pearls, you will save some money purchasing heat-treated specimens that are pretty much the same but more affordable. Considering their hardness of just 2.5 on the Mohs scale, yellow pearls are best worn as necklaces, pendants, earrings, or brooches.

Throughout human history, pearls have been used for dealing with many health problems and issues, especially in China. Their tradition is long and pretty detailed so gemologist could find a lot of information about pears. People wearing yellow pearls may benefit from the physical and metaphysical level as well. They provide calmness, purity, faith, truth, loyalty, and enhance integrity. In ancient China, pearls have been used to treat digestive problems, skin and muscular problems. Pearl powder was used to aid fertility and helping with the birthing process.

Yellow Garnet Gemstone

Yellow Garnet Gemstone Jewelry

Garnet is a beautiful and very popular crystal known mostly as a red gemstone but it can be found in every other color as well. Yellow garnet is mesmerizing, an eye-catching gemstone that comes as a transparent gem with high clarity. It is listed as January birthstone that comes in three varieties:

  • Andradite - rare, valuable, not commonly used in jewelry
  • Topazolite - high light dispersion, very rare
  • Mali Garnet - high light dispersion, high brilliance, a mix of andradite and grossular

Yellow garnet stones come with a rating of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness which makes them suitable for making all types of jewelry designs.

Yellow garnet is believed to reduce toxins inside the body and help with clotting the blood. It is a great stimulant for metabolism, helps regeneration, treating heart and lung-related issues. This stone is associated with curing many problems, from skin issues, low libido, hypertension, arthritis, joint pain, etc. This gemstone is known or calming effects, healing emotional problems and removing bad dreams.

Yellow Beryl Crystal

Yellow Beryl Crystal Ring

Yellow beryl crystal comes from an emerald family of crystals and it is in gemology known as Heliodor. Its not that well-known gemstone but is commonly used in jewelry for creating rings, earrings, pendants, and brooches. This yellow stone comes with vivid yellow color, high clarity and with no inclusions visible to naked eye. For its beauty, it is often used as a yellow sapphire substitute as it looks almost the same but has a much lower price. On the Mohs scale of hardness yellow beryl crystal has a rating of 7.5 to 8 which is more than suitable for making jewelry. This stone is often cut into unusual cuts and shapes and heat-treated for more intense coloring.

Yellow beryl is used as a symbol of hope providing needed relief from pressure and heavy burden. This stone will bring you optimism, stability on both emotional and physical level. It is considered a symbol of honesty, bringing wealth and abundance. It is one of the best stones that you can wear if you are self-employed or have your own company. It will help you get in balance, especially to find the balance between work and family. It will increase happiness, strengthen the immune system, help with digestion problems and nausea.


Yellow Chrysoberyl Gemstone

Yellow Chrysoberyl Gemstone Ring

Yellow chrysoberyl is a stone that is known as color-changing a variety of alexandrite gemstone that is famous for its range of yellow color. This stone comes often with fantastic cat’s eye look. Thankfully, it is pretty common, especially when compared to alexandrite so its price reflects abundance. It is not that expensive and in combination with an amazing hardness of 8.5 on the Mohs scale, this yellow gem is very suitable for making jewelry. When faceted, this interesting gem displays beautiful sparkle that will draw attention wherever you show it.

Yellow chrysoberyl is very interesting gemstone believed to promote kindness, compassion, hope, generosity, and optimism. It is used as a protection stone, especially in ancient times for keeping disasters away. This stone transforms negative energy and thought into positive, strengthens self-belief and self-worth. It is a to great help for dealing with problems. Chrysoberyl helps to learn, clears the thoughts, helps with self-discipline and encourages forgiveness.

Tiger’s Eye Stone

Yellow Tigers Eye Stone Ring

Tigers eye gemstone is quartz variety that is most famous for its golden brown color and mesmerizing patterns that add character to every stone. Many yellow tigers eye stone display cat’s eye effect from which this gem got its name. This stone displays smooth, shiny luster that is maximized when this stone gets cut en cabochon. Being abundant and easy to find, in combination with a pretty good hardness of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale, this gem is often used for making jewelry. You will find it in many jewelry stores as rings, pendants, brooches, and earrings.

Tigers eye is a special gemstone that is used for protection, personal improvement, boosting will power and courage. It was always used as a gemstone of protection, bringing luck and wealth to the person wearing it. This stone will help you focus and clear your mind, dispel negative thoughts, fear and anxiety. It is very useful for balancing positive and negative emotions, helps with mood swings and releases tension.

Yellow Diamond Crystal

Yellow Diamond Crystal Ring

From all fancy diamonds that are found in nature, yellow diamonds are the most common gems listed as April birthstones. However, they also have a pretty high price as you would expect since we talk about diamonds. Their color comes from nitrogen that is found in its crystal structure that is trapped during gemstone creation. Yellow diamonds come with high brilliance and durability suitable for making all types of jewelry but is most often used for making engagement rings. Price of yellow diamonds depends on the type of inclusions inside the gem with green secondary hue for more expensive stones while brown hues lower its price.

Yellow diamonds represent the Sun and its life force. It is believed that this brilliant stone enhances the self-expression and creativity of a person wearing it. This gem is best for people involved in art on any creative process, finding new ideas and help all dreams come true. The positive life force of this gemstone will help you move and take action, help you achieve anything your heart desire.

Yellow Sphene Crystal

Yellow Sphene Crystal Ring

Yellow sphene crystal is not that often used for making jewelry. It is considered more as collectors gemstone that is famous for its light dispersion that is higher than diamonds. Sphene can be found in many different colors but yellow specimens are prized for its beauty. On a negative side, this interesting gem comes with pretty low hardness. For this reason, it is not a favorable stone for making jewelry hence its low usage in jewelry.

Yellow sphene is known as a gemstone that stimulates mental processes, helps you think clearly and be more creative. This interesting gem will help you organize your mind, environment, workers and your own actions. Sphene is connected with solar plexus chakra, crown chakra and helps opening third eye chakra. This gemstone also promotes spiritual enlightenment.

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