April Birthstone (Gemstone) Crystal for Aries

April Birthstone (Gemstone) Crystal for Aries

Since ancient times people were mesmerized by the vivid colors of rare gemstone that was rare and hard to find. During that time, only rich and powerful people had a chance to poses and utilize their power and admire their beauty. They are an amazing gift for mum's, wife's, friends and family members.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to purchase birthstone or trying to determine which one is for you, we will do our best to answer all your questions. We will cover in this article birthstone crystals for persons born in the month of April.

What is April Birthstone Crystal?

Being very energetic and full of enthusiasm, Aries birthstone gems correspond to their nature. They bring them luck and act as charms that amplify their dynamic nature. Since Aries are vigorous, courageous, daring, egoistic and impatient, April Birthstone gems also stabilize their energy.

Main birthstone crystal for Aries is diamond! As you probably know, diamonds are one of the rarest and most prized gemstones in the world. They represent courage, purity, eternity and enhance a person's strength and vitality. Diamonds will help you overcome any challenges and obstacles that you need to conquer in life. Being very potent gemstone, if you use them in combination with other crystals, they will amplify its energy.

Historical Origins of April Birthstone Crystals

Birthstones are rare gems associated with the month of the year. Each month has its unique gemstone that corresponds with attributes of people born during a particular month. Different stones will help other people as they have widely different attributes and metaphysical healing power.

What Are Other Birthstones for Aries?

Of course, diamond is not the only gemstone that people born as Aries may use. Other than them, you can use Bloodstone (especially if you are born in March) and Red Jasper. Every one of them has its special characteristics that can amplify your traits and calm your negative characteristics.

Bloodstone Crystal

Bloodstone is traditionally associated as March birthstone as well since some Aries are born during that month. In general, there are two types of bloodstone crystals: one is more opaque with little or almost no red spots while others are more transparent with red spots. Red spots come from iron oxide deposits.

In ancient times, bloodstone was used as an amulet as they believed that it has healing and magical powers. They believed that it increases courage, strength and help winning legal battles.

Red Jasper

This particular gemstone is related to Mars as the ruling planet of Aries. As their ruling planet, it is their reservoir of pure energy. As you may notice, red is a lucky color for persons born as Aries. Red Jasper is a sacred stone of protection, it is stone of endurance, promoter of justice and protector of warriors and life.

Nowadays, Red Jasper is known as a stimulator of life force, it brings energy and physical strength, focus, determination, and stamina. Its frequency calms the body creating stable energy, setting goals and helps Aries reach their goals overcoming difficulties. This gemstone helps to manifest creative ideas as well.

Although it is called Red Jasper, its color varies due to different levels of iron content and impurities that create rich patterns.

Select Your Birthstone Crystal By Date of Birth

March 21st to March 30th

People born during this period are influenced by Mars. Because of that, they are strong and brave, passionate, courageous, energetic and undisciplined. Their crystals of choice should be agate, hematite, amazonite, quartz, sapphire, jasper, tigers eye.

March 31st to April 9th

People born during this period are influenced by the Sun the most. Because of Sun influence they tend to be proud, brave and ambitious, they are generous and they know everything. Crystals of their choice should be pearl, coral, amber, heliotrope, cats eye.

April 10th to April 19th

People born during this period are influenced by Venus. Aries born during this period tend to be smart, impulsive, tender and passionate. They love music and art. Crystal of their choice should be diamond, ruby, zircon, sapphire, garnet.

Why Aries Should Wear their Birthstones

For Aries, their birthstones act as charms and lucky stones. They help them balance their nature, carrier and relationships. Also, they amplify their limitless energy, bring social prestige, wealth and fame while reducing confusion.

Uses and Purposes of Wearing Gemstones

For those born from March 21 to April 19 under the sign of Aries, wearing gemstones that are associated with their months and sign will bring balance into their life. According to Feng Shui, by wearing bloodstone you will bring abundance into your life, vitality and growth. In case of Red Jasper, it brings warmth, illumination and enthusiasm. Its energy will boost your standing in your family and community, help with new ideas, energize your emotions, passion and sex.

Choosing Best Birthstone for Aries

When choosing best piece of jewelry, start with going through benefits of each one of the birthstone gems that I have listed. You know yourself the best therefore choose one that is most compatible with you. It doesn't matter whether you decide to get ring, necklace or something that you will hold on your desk in office or on the nightstand. You don't have to wear it all the time.

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