August Birthstone (Gemstone) Crystal for Leo

August Birthstone (Gemstone) Crystal for Leo

Updated: 09/24/2019

Persons born under the influence of the Sun are born leaders, creative, confident, passionate and always dominant. Once they decide to achieve something, no matter what it is, they will commit all their energy to reach their goal. Being loyal, generous and friendly, Leos have many friends. What differs them from others is their capability to unite different people and lead them towards the shared cause. They are funny and easy to work with.


Just like Sagittarius and Aries, this zodiac sign belongs to the Fire element. Because of this, they love life, they are warm-hearted and love to have fun and a good time. Leos enjoy life and everything that is beautiful and luxurious. In case that Leo is in a hard situation facing a difficult problem, they will take initiative and do everything they can to resolve the problem. Leos are always in search of personal growth, self-awareness and they constantly grow their ego.


Yes, Leos love to take charge, be the best and they will do everything they can to make everything perfect but their negative traits can be an obstacle in life. They know how to do something but when it comes to execution, they get lazy. Also, being stubborn and inflexible in some situations doesn’t help that much. In order to cope with negative traits and elevate positive ones, Leos should consider wearing their gemstones and lucky crystals to help them make that one final push when needed.


What is August Birthstone Crystal?

August birthstone crystal is named after the French word “peritot” which means gold in French. In English, it is known as peridot. This crystal has a long written history dating back to 1500 BC in Egypt. Peridot was collected during that period for Pharaohs. Legend says that during the night miners would mark the spots where peridot was illuminated and then they would mine it during a day. Hence the name “evening emerald”. It was believed that it can ward off evil, depression, banish lethargy, exhaustion, and apathy.


Being yellowish-green color, peridot is considered to cure diseases connected with the liver, help with kidney problems, stomach, and bladder. It helps with tissue regeneration, strengthens metabolism and eases the pain during labor. Moreover, it is beneficial for treating psychological problems, counters negative emotions balances emotion and relieves depression. This gemstone helps to bring change in life and helps with self-esteem.


Historical Origins of August Birthstone Crystals

Peridot is Egypt’s national gemstone known as “gem of the Sun”. For over 3500 years it was mined on St Johns Island. During one period of the time, the exact destination of the mines was a mystery and they have been rediscovered in 1905. During that period their production peaked until 1930 and from 1958 production was completely stopped. Nowadays, all peridot found in Egypt is old. Today, it is only mined in Burma and Thailand but it is not high quality like the one from Egypt.


Through history, peridot was often mistaken for emerald because of its green color. As a matter of fact, people believe that Cleopatra was wearing peridot crystals. Many historical sources state that in ancient times cups and other vessels were made with peridot due to its healing properties. The best benefit of Leo main gemstone was handling anger. This crystal calms the nervous system and calms person attracting love, bringing balance into wearers life.


What Are Other Birthstones for Leo?

Being very passionate and possessing great energy, Leos have fixed goals and ideas that they will accomplish no matter what. Being so passionate and determined, Leos tend to go over the top and burst into flames when they feel betrayed or being ignored. In order to bring them to balance, crystals that are chosen as gemstones for this zodiac sign are topaz, amber, heliodor, diamonds, ruby, jasper, carnelian, sardonyx, and chrysolite.



Being outgoing and spending a lot of energy to reach their goals, Leos should use heliodor to replenish their energy. This gemstone increases logical thinking and helps in making better decisions.



this crystal is believed to give Leos more optimism banishing anger and hatred. Women wearing this gemstone will feel more attractive and beautiful while men will have more strength. Topaz will attract prosperity and inspiration.



these beautiful crystals help Leos to communicate better with other people and keep their bursts of anger in check.



Amber gemstone helps Leos to become more cheerful, generous and help them find their inner peace. It is great crystal for increasing optimism, joy and self-confidence.

Big Oval Vintage Ring with 12.6 carat Brown Amber Gemstone for Women


this gemstone is great for woman and it is considered a lucky charm for them. In combination with gold, Jasper should be worn as a ring.



This crystal is considered to bring luck to all Leos in all life situations. It will protect them from envy and wrongdoings. Moreover, this gem will help them keep their emotions in check.


Tigers Eye 

It is considered a great birthstone gem for manifesting dreams and unlocking creative abilities combining energy from Sun and Earth. Golden tones of this gem strengthen will power and help them boost their confidence.


Select Your Birthstone Crystal By Date of Birth


It is not easy being strong and a leader all the time. Only Leos know how emotionally hurt they can be and yes, they will cope with that by themselves. They will always keep their head high no matter how hard it is. In order to aid the healing process, energize and focus, they need to utilize the power of their birthstone crystals.


July 23rd to August 3rd


Leos born during the first period of the zodiac sign are influenced by Saturn. They should consider powerful gemstones that will correspond to their rebellious personal traits. Best crystals for them are moonstone, red jasper, tigers eye, nephrite, and rock crystal.


August 4th to August 12th


Persons born during the second decade of the sign are influenced by Jupiter. They want to make every person follow the rules and they want to set those rules by themselves. Being very stubborn they should choose the following gemstones: amber, onyx, opal, cats eye, and citrine.

Triangle Shaped 5.95 Carat Natural Citrine Gemstone Ring

August 13th to August 23rd


Leos born in last decade of the zodiac sign are influenced by Mars. They are the strongest and cleverest representatives of the zodiac sign. Gemstones that they should wear are fit for commanders and warriors and they should wear: diamond, emeralds, garnet, sapphire, and alexandrite.

Flower Blue Sapphire Swarovski Crystal Necklace

Why Leo Should Wear their Birthstones

Fighting battles on all aspect of personal and business life are not easy. Leos spend a lot of energy giving everything without even knowing that. Being sharp, having great ideas all the time and actually reaching goals takes a lot. After all that comes family where Leos give, even more, all their heart and soul.


In order to handle all that, Leos need to keep themselves in check and by wearing their birthstones they can elevate themselves. Selected crystals will help them make better decisions, bring harmony into their personal lives and help them shine even more by keeping in check their emotions.


Choosing Best Birthstone for Leo

Leos have a big heart, they love life, friends, and family. Because of that people love to have them around. When they love, their significant one knows that they are loved and admired. As you navigate through your life, you will have ups and downs but only Leos know what it means being really down after giving everything. In order to get that energy to get up one more time, you should get yourself birthstone that will help.


I know that you will choose it buy your heart. You know the best what you need at this moment and your chosen crystal will certainly help.   

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