February Birthstone (Gemstone) Crystal for Aquarius

February Birthstone (Gemstone) Crystal for Aquarius

Persons born in February are very interesting, they are often very popular, humanitarian, original, independent but yet tend to be quiet and shy. In any case, they are smart, thinkers and intellectual people that love helping others. People born as Aquarius have the ability to solve problems with ease because they have the ability to see them from another perspective.

Since they easily absorb energy from their surroundings, they have a need to be alone sometimes, away from everything and everyone. This time on their own they use to restore their power and focus. Whey they are in a relationship, if there is no mental stimulation they often move away if they get bored.

Aquarius ruling planet is Uranus. Although sometimes aggressive in nature, it gives them visionary qualities. They can transform with ease and find their way around even if they are surrounded by many people. One thing that you should never do to them is to limit them in any way. They cherish their freedom of movement and speech. If someone tries to restrict them in any way, they will meet their cold side.

What is February Birthstone Crystal?

Birthstone for persons born in February is a symbol of courage and strong relationships. It is also a gemstone that stimulates healing, enhances spirituality and helps with having vivid dreams. During ancient times, only kings and royalty could wear them and ancient Greeks believed that helps a person wearing it to stay sober - hence its name, amethyst.

Moreover, amethyst represents protection and it is believed that its power helps during difficult times. It promotes strength, self-control, faith and helps Aquarius to be more friendly and courageous. Due to their emotional nature, Aquarius tend to have problems in communication both on a personal and professional level so this gemstone helps them build better communication skills.

Historical Origins of February Birthstone Crystals

From ancient times, people believed in the secret power of amethyst. Greeks associated this crystal with their God of wine Bacchus. They believed that this purple gemstone prevents drunkenness. Also, they said that it keeps the person wearing it quick-witted in business affairs and war. Apart from ancient Greeks, amethyst was prized around the world for centuries. Egypt pharaohs utilized its power but also it is found on the British crown jewels.

In the Christian church, Bishop’s tend to wear this crystal on the rings as the purple color of this crystal represents Christ blood. In the Bible, we may find many references to this Amethyst gemstone. Throughout history, amethyst was valued equally as diamond but since the big finds of this crystal in South America and in numerous other places its price dropped due to bigger supply.

Throughout history, amethyst was always associated with good attributes that will help the person who is in its possession. People believed that it will protect soldiers during the war, help warriors to victory, help hunters on their endeavors. Also, people believed that this crystal protects from diseases and bring forth pure aspirations, protect against anger, violence, evil thoughts, help in business and encourage contemplation, calm and bravery.

What Are Other Birthstones for Aquarius?

Persons born in the zodiac sign of Aquarius can use many interesting crystals that will elevate their positive traits while calming down negative traits of their sign. Depending on your personality and current needs, you may choose some of the following gemstones: light shades of quartz, amethyst, opal, jasper, obsidian, sapphire, agate, hyacinth and amber.

Quartz - Pink Quartz it is strong crystal for helping in love affairs. Other light shades of quartz have a great influence on Aquarius. In overall, it will help you gather strength, build confidence and overcome troubles. Also, it boosts their creativity, inspiration and saves them from accidents and injuries.

Obsidian - one of the strongest gemstones with magic properties. It will repel evil and negative people from your life and save you from addictions. Moreover, it will help you achieve your goals, protect you from dishonest actions but it is not advised to wear it all the time.

Hyacinth - this interesting gemstone will help you concentrate on your work or study. You can use it when you need to have a situation under your control. If you tend to change your decisions all the time it will help you from falling into melancholy.

Amethyst - when you have a feeling that you have lost your strength or hope, this crystal will help you restore it. It promotes optimism and will give you more confidence. This gemstone will protect you from envious and bad persons, but also from your stubbornness.

Sapphire - if you are in need of harmony and development, then this gorgeous crystal is for you. It is great for those looking for knowledge and will help you connect with your spiritual side. You will be happier, boost your self-confidence and courage.

Select Your Birthstone Crystal By Date of Birth

Persons born as Aquarius are full of creative ideas, optimism and willingness to help other people in need. They are kind and willing to do their own business. They have many positive traits and their birthstones are selected to elevate their positive traits. Of course, nobody's perfect so this crystal will help them cope with negative feelings, especially when they feel that they are limited in some way.

From January 21st to February 1st

Persons born in this period tend to be romantic and quiet. In many situations, they tend to get in a bad mood and fall into melancholy. Since they are influenced by Venus, persons from the first decade of the zodiac sign should wear one of the following crystals: jade, jasper, aventurine, pearls, amethyst or serpentine.

From February 2nd to February 11th

Persons born during the second week of the Aquarius are influenced by the Mercury. Thanks to their wisdom and a great sense of humor they tend to achieve respect from people surrounding them. Best crystals for them are onyx, amber, lapis lazuli, amethyst, turquoise, chrysoprase, and sardonyx.

From February 12th to February 20th

Persons born as Aquarius in the third decade of the zodiac sign are influenced by the Moon. They appreciate truth and leave immediately those who deceive them. Crystals that are great for them are sapphire, aquamarine, tourmaline, diamond, alexandrite, and chrysoprase.

Why Aquarius Should Wear their Birthstones

People born as Aquarius are independent and if you try to restrict their freedom they will flee immediately. They love to be around people who love them and make them feel good and laugh. In return, they do not expect anything apart from their freedom. Crystals that are selected for them helps them do something with their life and keep amazing people. They help them study, keep their emotions in check and to express themselves. In order to achieve their unexplainable goals and overcome difficulties, they should wear their gemstones.

Choosing Best Birthstone for Aquarius

Aquarius personalities are very different from person to person, their diverse for hunting new ways of thinking, ideas and ways to approach people makes them so unique that no one can point their finger and say what is best for them. They need to choose their birthstone by the heart and by the mind. While you were reading this article, you have already found some gemstones that are just for you.

You will make a wise choice and pick those that will benefit you the most. In any case, your birthstone will help you strengthen your relationships with people and calm negative traits of your zodiac sign.

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