July Birthstone (Gemstone) Crystal for Cancer

July Birthstone (Gemstone) Crystal for Cancer

UPDATED: 05/29/2019

Cancer is probably the most challenging sign to get to know. They are very sentimental and deeply intuitive, emotional and sensitive with great care for home and family. If you are a friend with cancer you already know how sympathetic and attached they are to their loved ones. Those who are born under Suns protection are very loyal and often empathize with suffering and pain of others.


Just like Scorpio and Pisces, Cancer is a Water element guided by emotion and heart. Because of this, they sometimes have problems with blending into the world. Considering that they are ruled by the Moon, lunar cycles and its phases create fleeting emotional patterns that they can not often control. While still young, their defensive mechanisms are not really great so people should approach them with understanding and care.


Since the Moon is their protector, they also go through phases and mood swings especially later in life because of the lack of patience. In some cases, they begin to manipulate or become selfish. When talking about negative traits of Cancers, we may say that they are sometimes pessimistic, suspicious, moody, they don't like strangers or revealing of their personal life.


Of course, this doesn't make them bad persons, on the contrary. Cancers are great friends and love to connect with people. They are filled with respect and enjoy socializing at home where the atmosphere is more intimate. When talking about the family, this is where they shine. They care about family more than any other zodiac sign. They are wonderful, caring parents that will do everything in their power for their children.


What is July Birthstone Crystal?


The main birthstone for persons born during the month of July is Ruby. Red rubies are known to be tokens of harmony and peace. Traditionally, this beautiful gemstone was regarded as the king of gems by ancient Hindus. They believed that rubies protect people from evil. Their deep red color signifies passion and love. Throughout history, this majestic crystal was associated with protection, success, strength, harmony, and enthusiasm.


Historical Origins of July Birthstone Crystal


The red color was always associated with the deepest and most intense emotions like passion, fury, love, and anger. Earliest civilizations treasured rubies for their similarity to the blood so they believed that ruby crystal held the power of life. For Hindus, ruby was king of precious stones, for Indians it was lord of gemstones while in India, persons who donated rubies to Krishna were assured that they will be reborn as emperors.


What Are Other Birthstones for Cancer?


Of course, that ruby is the best choice for Cancers but considering its high price it is not as easy to obtain. Thankfully, there are many other crystals that persons born in the zodiac sign of Cancer can wear. Other crystals that they may wear will help them cheer up, compensate negative traits of their zodiac, help develop talents, self-confidence and improve the mood. Here is a list of crystals that suit them best: cats eye, moonstone, sapphire, emerald, heliotrope, pearls, amethyst, agate, hematite, aventurine, and carnelian.

Classic Square 5.7 carat Green Emerald Ring for Women


It strengthens Cancers heart, concentrates sexual energy, improves intellectual capabilities and bravery. It also keeps depression away from them and inspires good deeds.


Cat's Eye

Is considered as a great crystal for this zodiac sign. It is considered as preserver of love and protection from infidelity. This gemstone improves relations with the surrounding people and promotes understanding.



Since Cancers have a strong connection with the Moon this crystal is beneficial for all of them as it absorbs moons energy and reduces mood changes during lunar cycles. It attracts new emotions, particularly love.



They help Cancer women to preserve her cool head, control anger, and melancholy. Although is believed that pearls can help women to win over men’s heart I would suggest only married women wear this stone.

Beautiful Sterling Silver White and Pink Pearl Drop Earrings


Is one of the most powerful Christian amulets. It helps Cancers to get along with other people and protects them from illness, negative influence by giving them more energy and strength.



Agate is a gemstone that is considered as cooling stone. It is believed that it reduces fever, beneficial for stomach problems, ensures good health and long life. Agate protects its wearer from danger, cure insomnia and brings pleasant dreams.

Classic Natural Green Agate Gemstone Water Drop Ring

Select Your Birthstone Crystal By Date of Birth


June 22nd to July 1st

Persons born as Cancer during this period are very kind, sensitive and passionate. They often show a talent for art, especially for painting. Gemstones that correspond to them are aventurine, hematite, agate, serpentine, moonstone, amethyst and quartz.


July 2nd to July 11th

Persons born during this period are influenced by Mercury so they tend to be ironic, light-headed, affected and inquisitive. Crystals that are best for them are turquoise, pearls, opal, cats eye, and heliotrope.

Beautiful Handmade White Fire Opal Ring

July 12th to July 22nd

People born in the period of those days are mostly influenced by the Moon. Those Cancers tend to be dreamy, sensitive and restless. Best gemstones for those persons are aquamarine, ruby, emerald, spinel and tourmaline.


Why Cancer Should Wear their Birthstones

Every single zodiac sign has its negative traits and persons born as Cancers are no exception. It depends on person to person how those negative traits will be manifested. Cancers can become resentful and petulant pretty quickly. Since they can become resentful for almost everything, they will build it up until they explode. In order to keep their negative traits in check, they should wear crystals that suit them best. Also, gemstones can elevate your positive treats and help you feel better, make a better decision and improve your life.


Choosing Best Birthstone for Cancer

As you can see, there are a lot to choose from. There are no rules that say that you must choose this or that gemstone. Everything in this article is here to help you make a good decision but in most cases, you don’t choose your crystal - it chooses you. While you were reading this article I believe that you have found a few by your heart that suit you best. You are your best judge and you know yourself the best to go with that feeling. I know that you will choose wisely.

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