June Birthstone (Gemstone) Crystal for Gemini

June Birthstone (Gemstone) Crystal for Gemini

Zodiac sign of Gemini is associated with the Air element and connects all aspects of the mind. They are ruled by planet Mercury which represents movement and communication. Persons that are born as Gemini under the Sun often feel like their other half is missing so they tend to look for mentors, people to talk to and new friends.

They are a mix of yin and yang, highly emotional and intellectual, expressive and quick-witted, Gemini represents to persons in one and often people don’t know which one of those they face. They are fascinated by the world, always curious and ready to explore new places, meet new people, always ready for fun and always on the run. Because of all this, they often have a feeling that there is not enough time to explore everything they want.

Their birthstones support their highly emotional and also intellectual nature. They are not the most persistent and patient zodiac sign and they can’t wait for too long to see results of their work. Because of their highly energetic and active nature, changeability and impatience they tend to have difficulty achieving success. They will always try to do more than they can handle. Birthstones selected for Gemini will help them calm a little bit so they should wear their crystals.

Historical Origins of June Birthstone Crystals

Pearls are officially the oldest gems in the world and have been around long before written history. Throughout history, princesses and royalty wore pearls. They were considered as an ultimate status symbol in ancient Rome and Julius Caesar passed the law that only ruling classes can wear them. Unlike gemstones that are mined, pearls are formed in an oyster’s.

What is June Birthstone Crystal?

According to many beliefs, the main birthstone for the month of June is pearl. It suggests modesty, stable relationship and marriage, and chastity. For a long time, pearls were a symbol of purity. It symbolizes duality, represents life and death, joy and sorrow. Ancient Greeks told stories that pearls were tears of joy from their goddess of love - Aphrodite. This crystal is often worn to calm the mind and control anger. Pearls are believed to ease childbirth, increase fertility, help with a digestive disorder, improve the skin and keep soft organs healthy.

What Are Other Birthstones for Gemini?

Although main Gemini birthstone is pearl, they respond well to other gems and crystals like tourmaline, nephrite, citrine, amethyst, agate, turquoise, emerald, white sapphire, opal, and obsidian. They may wear all of them as long as they feel the necessity. Listed crystals will help Gemini persons reach balance according to their traits.

Nephrite - this mineral helps Gemini to live healthier, to suppress diseases and sleep better. This stone is believed to influence life expectancy but you should not wear it all the time since it tends to attract loneliness.

Turquoise - if you are a traveler then this is an excellent crystal for you. It will keep you safe on your long journeys and give you more energy. This gemstone will also help you resolve all conflicts.

Citrine - for Geminis that are in constant communication with other people because of their daily job, this crystal will bring benefits. It will also sharpen your intuition and help with finances.

Amethyst - this interesting crystal is interesting as it will help you uncover secret plans of people surrounding you. Also, it will boost Gemini energy and protect them from bad and unnecessary thoughts.

Obsidian - is known as truth enhancing and protective crystal. It will keep Gemini away from trouble, crimes, and heavy offenses. It will also absorb negative energy from your environment.

Select Your Birthstone Crystal By Date of Birth

May 21st to May 31st

People born during this period are influenced by Jupiter. In most cases, they have great intuition, a talent for art, they are unselfish and intelligent. Crystal of their choice should be agate, moonstone, quartz, sapphire, tigers eye, amazonite, obsidian.

June 1st to June 10th

Persons born during this period are influenced by Mars. Thy is often sarcastic, anxious, concerned and aggressive. Best crystals for them are pearl, jade, onyx, opal, citrine, amber, cats eye, chalcedony, and sardonyx.

June 11th to June 21st

Persons born during this period are influenced by the Sun and because of that, they tend to be short-tempered, talkative, authoritative and uncontrollable. In order to calm their negative traits and let positive ones to flourish their crystal of choice should be: alexandrite, garnet, emerald, sapphire, topaz, tourmaline.

Why Gemini Should Wear their Birthstones

Considering that Geminis are unpredictable do to their versatile nature, their birthstone crystals should be chosen according to their field of interest, engagement, and environment. Curious and adventurous forces lead them into communication, they are intelligent and creative. Because of all this, they should choose and wear their chosen gemstone in order to focus better and elevate their skills and traits.

Choosing Best Birthstone for Gemini

It is believed that wearing birthstones will influence Geminis character, traits, and personality. Because of that, they should always choose their crystal by themselves. Their gem will inspire them into better communication, clear their thoughts and help in their adventures. Being positive and energetic, gems that they wear on their body should cut negativity from their life so wearing crystals is really recommended for them.

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