September Birthstone (Gemstone) Crystal for Virgo

September Birthstone (Gemstone) Crystal for Virgo

Updated: 07/24/2019

Persons born as Virgos are known to be extremely pedantic. They are a perfectionist and people often find that bothering. Well, that often bothers them as well but at least every task given to them will be finished on time and as good as it can be. They are smart, practical, hardworking and very kind but their positive treats can trigger negative ones when they find themselves around people that they don’t know that well. When they need to be social it is not a problem for them but they will choose more often to stay at home instead of going to a party. Virgos tend to be very conservative and they don't like to change their habits.


As friends, they will always find a way to solve friends problems being amazing advisers. On the other hand, if they overdo it, they tend to search for problems around them. That is mainly because they really care for the people they love. They are dedicated to the family and care for sick and elderly people.


What is September Birthstone Crystal?

It was once considered as a guard of all evil, poisoning and traditionally one of the most prized gemstones of kings, priests, and royalty. Its name in Greek means “blue”. Main Virgo and September birthstone is sapphire! It symbolizes wisdom and purity, faith, dignity, and loyalty. In the past, sapphire was used to treat excessive bleeding, a blood disorder, regulating glands and to calm body systems.

Flower Blue Sapphire Swarovski Crystal Necklace

For centuries people believed that sapphires have mystical powers, that they are symbols of heaven and guardians of innocence. They promote good health and bring gifts of prosperity, joy, beauty, fulfillment and inner peace. It is believed that they are the best protectors for travelers. Moreover, this gemstone is able to suppress negative thoughts, protect against sorcery and banish negative thoughts and evil.


Historical Origins of September Birthstone Crystals

Sapphire is associated with the Saturn. During early 800 BC sapphires were prized gemstones. Rulers in Persia believed that sapphire reflects the sky. In the Catholic church, they were considered as a holy stone. Other religions say that it represents heaven. Kings and queens wore sapphire jewelry, most often necklaces as a defense from harm and witchcraft.


It is said that King Solomon wore a ring that was made from sapphire gemstone. It is believed that even looking at sapphires brings good luck to people. This beautiful gemstone was always prized and people believe that it helps the wearer to find inner peace, it promotes sincerity and while seeking for the truth it will help a person to keep innocence. Throughout history, they were associated with fidelity, romantic love and devotion.


What Are Other Birthstones for Virgo?


Birthstones that Virgo should wear are those that promote their traits and save them from diseases and negative thoughts. Since they worry too much about suffering from all kinds of medical problems, Virgos should wear a gemstone that will save them from going too far becoming hypochondriacs. Other gemstones that Virgo should choose to wear as their birthstones are pearls, malachite, carnelian, yellow topaz, aventurine, Jasper, and lazurite.


Lazurite is gemstone considered an amazing assistant for Virgos for all activities and communication. It will help them be more social and connected with family members. It will help them consider the opinions of other people and be more cheerful.



This gemstone will help them be less conservative and move forward in life. It promotes obtaining new skills, knowledge and intellectual development. Also, it will help them climb higher in society.



Aventurine is a gemstone that will help Virgo woman to improve the mood and help with positive emotions. It will ease stress, protect health and help with studies.



In order to improve personal relations with people, Virgos should wear jewelry from this gemstone. It will help them to be more patient, grow intellectually and be more handsome and wise.


Yellow Topaz 

In order to unlock and promote your creative potential, you should wear jewelry from this gemstone. It will help you with anger, fear, and hatred while promoting optimism. Virgos that wear yellow topaz jewelry is friendlier and more observant.



This gemstone will help Virgos have happy love. It will help them develop intuition, be more merciful and protect from envy. Carnelian is considered as a gemstone that will protect from negative thoughts, evil and will help them be more organized.


Select Your Birthstone Crystal By Date of Birth


August 23rd to September 1st

Virgos born in the first decade of the zodiac sign is influenced by the Sun. They value personal tranquility and harmony with the world. They are often conservative and do not appreciate huge changes in life. Best crystals for Virgo from the first decade is Jasper, agate, aventurine, lazurite, carnelian, nephrite and malachite.

Trendy 2.2 carat Natural Green Agate Gemstone Ring

September 2nd to September 11th

Virgos born in the second decade of the zodiac sign is mostly influenced by Venus. They appreciate their inner world and due to this, they often struggle to fight with integrity. Gemstones that are reserved for the second decade Virgos are heliotrope, jade, citrine, quartz, pearls, sardonyx and onyx.


September 12th to September 22nd

Persons born in the third decade of the zodiac sign of Virgo are influenced by Mercury. They tend to be timid and taciturn, they need to overcome their inactivity so best gemstones for them are: topaz, sapphire, garnet, emerald, and chrysolite.

Beautiful Square Shape Vintage Red Garnet Gemstone Ring

Why Virgo Should Wear their Birthstones

Virgos are always caring, kind and giving persons - sometimes to a fault. Being loyal friends, hardworking, giving always everything, they need help getting in balance. Also, being reserved with new people and quiet, it is sometimes hard for them to express themselves. In order to help them express themselves, improve, get more knowledge and suppress negative feelings Virgos should wear their gemstones.


Choosing Best Birthstone for Virgo

Choosing the best September birthstone for Virgos is not that hard. Being wise and clever, you will do that without a second thought since you already know what you need. In any case, you should choose with your heart. We have already published an article about best rings for Virgos so take a look at it. It is recommended for Virgos to not wear glossy gemstones as that doesn't match their zodiac sign. 

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