16+ Most Popular Green Gemstones Used in Jewelry

Throughout human history, green color is associated with nature, life, renewal, growth, fertility, safety, environment, and energy. It is also associated with money, ambition, jealousy, and greed. As expected, green gemstones are associated with the same traits and characteristics. In general, green crystals are symbols of healing power, believed to...

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16 Mesmerizing Pink Gemstones Used in Jewelry

The pink gemstone color in jewelry is associated with cute, feminine energy, universal love, compassion, harmony, affection, inner peace, and passion. With pink jewelry, the passion of the red is softened with openness, purity, and completeness of white color and replaced with soft loving energy.  In the past, pink crystals...

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10 Most Amazing Purple Gemstones Used in Jewelry

Purple gemstones are used in jewelry production for decades. Maybe they are not as popular as gemstones that come in red, green and blue color because there are so many of them. Purple gems are much rarer and often come with a higher price tag. Of course, there are exceptions...

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