11 Best Virgo Birthstone Healing Crystal Rings

You more than anyone else understands Virgo positive and negative traits. Virgos are able to see and analyze other people doing but it is not easy to keep everything in check. I have handpicked following 11 healing crystals for Virgos that will help you manage criticism,   fussiness, being harsh, fastidious,...

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15+ Red Gemstones Often Used for Making Jewelry

Throughout human history, red gemstones were one of the most popular crystals used for making jewelry. They are symbols for deepest positive and negative feelings like love, passion, sexuality, excitement, strength, courage and also aggression, anger, danger, and war.   Red stones have strong effects on our bodies, they draw...

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15 Beautiful Black Gemstones with Pictures Used in Jewelry

Black is a specific color with many different meanings and reactions to this sophisticated color. Black stones, just like the black color, is associated with harmonization in your home, environment, and office. Black crystals are associated with power, calm, mystery, sophisticated lifestyle, comfort, protection, new beginnings, and endings. Black gemstones...

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