16+ Most Popular Green Gemstones Used in Jewelry

Throughout human history, green color is associated with nature, life, renewal, growth, fertility, safety, environment, and energy. It is also associated with money, ambition, jealousy, and greed. As expected, green gemstones are associated with the same traits and characteristics. In general, green crystals are symbols of healing power, believed to...

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16 Mesmerizing Pink Gemstones Used in Jewelry

The pink gemstone color in jewelry is associated with cute, feminine energy, universal love, compassion, harmony, affection, inner peace, and passion. With pink jewelry, the passion of the red is softened with openness, purity, and completeness of white color and replaced with soft loving energy.  In the past, pink crystals...

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October Birthstone (Gemstone) Crystal for Libra

Updated: 07/24/2019 Ruler of the zodiac sign of Libra is Venus. They are known to be cooperative, just, persuasive and fair. They don't really like being alone and partnership is pretty important for them. They tend to be in a constant chase for equality, justice, doing their best to keep...

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