10 Mighty Throat Chakra Stones and Crystals

10 Mighty Throat Chakra Stones and Crystals

The throat chakra (Vishuddha chakra) is the fifth chakra that is associated with creativity, emotions, expression, and ability to communicate with other people openly and effectively. If you have a problem to communicate with other people, listed 10 throat chakra stones are the best ones to help.

The throat chakra is considered as a center of self-expression, creativity, freedom, and communication. People with blocked or unbalanced throat chakra have problems communicating on a physical, emotional, and verbal level. Moreover, those issues may lead to dishonesty, compulsive thinking, inability to express thoughts, shyness, insensitivity, frustration, and timidly. Because of emotional imbalance, people tend to shut their feelings down, feel trapped, depressed, and worry too much.

One of the easiest ways to unblock and balance your throat chakra is by wearing specifically selected healing crystals and stones that are proven to help overcome mentioned problems. Wearing throat chakra stones will boost your confidence and help your communication which will lead to a better life, improved relations with other people, fulfillment, joy, and happiness. Being the link between head and heart, it is very important to have your chakra balanced and opened.

All gemstones have their own healing properties and vibration that corresponds with certain chakras. The throat chakra is associated with blue color stones and considered as the first spiritual chakra. This chakra reacts best with stones with high vibration frequency ensuring the beneficial flow of energy. Considering that we have many blue gemstones I have handpicked 10 mighty stones for the healing throat chakra.


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  1. Aquamarine for Truth and Communication

Aquamarine for Truth and Communication

Color: Blue

Hardness:  7.5 - 8 Mohs Scale

Healing Properties: lungs, cleansing, skin

Chakra: Throat Chakra

Origin: Brazil, China, Australia, USA, Pakistan, Nigeria

Rarity: Rare


Aquamarine is considered to be the strongest crystal used for clearing and activating the throat chakra. Wearing a ring made from this crystal will stimulate energy to flow from the heart to the throat leading to better and more honest communication, courage, tolerance, and compassion. Although every person may wear jewelry made from this stone, it is best for people who want to express themselves. This stone will encourage clarity of thought and help to overcome the fear of speaking.


Aquamarine stone emits gentle energy that will stimulate your Throat chakra and help you overcome a fear of speaking and help you articulate your thoughts. Wearing this stone also accelerates intellectual and thinking processes helping you to respond faster and clearer.


How to use Aquamarine:

The easiest way to use aquamarine stone for stimulating throat chakra is by massaging your throat and neck area. You can hum or sing during the session to energize throat chakra. Vibrations of your voice will resonate with crystals healing energy.

  1. Blue Lace Agate for Balance

 Blue Lace Agate for Balance

Color: Ligh Blue

Hardness:  6.5 - 7 Mohs scale

Healing Properties: sore throat, swollen glands, thyroid

Chakra: Throat Chakra

Origin: USA, Brazil, Czech Republic, India

Rarity: Common


Blue lace agate with its gentle energy will help you clear and open your Throat chakra. Cleaning your chakra will help you express other chakras as well. Light blue energy of this stone will help you neutralize anger in your voice, help with negative feelings and encourage you to express all your feelings and thoughts.


Similarly to the most stones associated with the Throat chakra, gentle energy radiating from blue lace agate will balance your chakras. This will lead to a better flow of energy through your whole body and spirit as well.


How to use Blue Lace Agate:

This stone is great to be around if you need to speak to a larger audience. During meditation, hold blue lace agate near your throat to stimulate energy flow.


  1. Turquoise for Self-Forgiveness

 Turquoise for Self-Forgiveness

Color: Blue

Hardness:  5-6 Mohs scale

Healing Properties: depression, exhaustion, detox

Chakra: Throat Chakra

Origin: USA, China, Russia, Argentina, Mexico

Rarity: Rare


The turquoise stone is considered as one of the oldest stones used in human history. It is a symbol of courage, protection, wisdom, leadership, and luck. As a stone of self-acceptance and self-forgiveness, wearing this crystal will help you release old regrets. It will enhance your mood and balance your emotions, restore vitality, and relieve accumulated stress.


The subtle energy of the turquoise stone is beneficial for the Throat chakra. Wearing this crystal will help you boost your ability to communicate between the physical and spiritual world. Released energy will help you explore the past and take action finding truth in your life and wholeness. It will harmonize and align your Throat chakra helping you to express your feelings and share your knowledge with others.


How to use Turquoise:

In order to utilize the gentle energy of this blue stone, wear it for longer periods of time. Mediate with it focusing on your problems.


  1. Lapis Lazuli for Universal Truth

 Lapis Lazuli for Universal Truth

Color: Deep Blue

Hardness:  5-5.5 Mohs scale

Healing Properties: throat, vocal cords, vertigo, insomnia

Chakra: Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra

Origin: USA, China, Russia, Chile, Afganistan

Rarity: Rare


Lapis Lazuli is sought after stone since ancient times. Its deep blue color is used as a symbol of honor, power, vision, and spirit. It is considered as a symbol of wisdom and universal truth. Wearing jewelry made from this blue gemstone will stimulate good judgment, problem-solving, create new ideas and enhance creativity. This stone is used for boosting intellectual ability, understanding, seeking truth and knowledge. You should wear a ring made from this crystal to enhance your memory, improve learning, and communication.


Lapis Lazuli is used for balancing Throat chakra and activating Third Eye chakra. It will help you balance and sort through important matters of your life, help energy flow through your body and express yourself. Darker shades of this stone improve the power of truth. Wearing this gem is also beneficial overcoming problems with friends and partner through better communication.


How to use Lapis Lazuli:

It is most beneficial to wear and meditate with Lapis Lazuli crystal holding it near the throat chakra.


  1. Sodalite for Logic and Creativity

 Sodalite for Logic and Creativity

Color: Blue

Hardness:  5.5-6 Mohs scale

Healing Properties: blood pressure, heart, inflammation, headaches, weight problems

Chakra: Throat, Third Eye Chakra

Origin: India, Brazil, France, Canada

Rarity: Rare


Blue sodalite is best throat chakra stone for persons that are impulsive, prone to panic or anxiety, or very sensitive as it calms and stabilizes the mind. The calming energy of the stone will help you correct aggression toward other people and reduce tension. This is one of the best crystals for bringing emotions in balance especially during menopause, PMS, or other matters associated with hormone imbalance. Being known as a talisman of writers, it is great for inspiration, creativity, communication, and focus.


Sodalite is one of the best calming stones that are great for persons that need to alleviate their fears. If you have fear of flying, this is the crystal that you must have by your side. Since it is associated with healing the Throat chakra, wearing a ring made from this stone will help you express yourself, share your ideas, emotions, and beliefs.


How to use Sodalite:

Bests way to utilize the calming energy of sodalite stone to energize and stimulate your Throat chakra is to hold it near your chakra during meditation, It will help you heal wounds from the past and remember your dreams.


  1. Amazonite for Courage and Truth

 Amazonite for Courage and Truth

Color: Turquoise Green

Hardness:  6-6.5 Mohs scale

Healing Properties: illness, trauma, injury, muscles, trauma, fear

Chakra: Throat and Heart Chakra

Origin: USA, Brazil, Russia, Madagascar

Rarity: Rare


Amazonite is considered as one of the best throat chakra stones for expressing your feelings and thoughts without being over-emotional. It will help you see the problem and solution for it from another angle. Wearing jewelry made from this crystal will help you resolve your inner conflicts, bring focus, overcome loneliness, and help you be more happy and joyful.


Since amazonite stimulates both Throat and Heart chakra and creates a connection between them, it will help you create a balance and positive energy flow. This stone will unblock both chakras and help you accept change, improve emotional relationships, and stimulate honest and loving communication with other people. This stone will bring harmony to your life and a more positive attitude.


How to use Amazonite:

Wearing a ring from Amazonite will inspire all aspects of your life, bring the truth, and give you courage. You will believe more in yourself and find a harmonious balance in improving your life.


  1. Angelite for Wealth and Love

 Angelite for Wealth and Love

Color: White, Blue, Colorless

Hardness:  3.5 Mohs scale

Healing Properties:

Chakra: Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra

Origin: Peru, Poland, Egypt, Germany

Rarity: Rare


Angelite is considered as a stone that will help you rise state of awareness. This stone will guide you and help you connect with your higher self. It is used as an aid for speaking the truth, better communication and self-expression through compassion. This is a powerful stone used for balancing Parathyroid and Thyroid glands.


On a spiritual level, this powerful stone is filled with compassion, healing, and creating feelings of tranquility and peace. This is stone for persons looking for universal knowledge, opens psychic channeling, telepathic communication, astral traveling and communication with angels.  


How to use Angelite:

Angelite is probably the best stone for spiritual teachers, healers, and shamans. Through meditation, this stone will ensure energy flow through your chakras and help you connect with etheric realms.


  1. Azurite for Memory and Concentration

 Azurite for Memory and Concentration

Color: Blue

Hardness: 3.5-4 Mohs scale

Healing Properties: spine, arthritis, detox, kidneys, stress, sadness, grief

Chakra: Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra

Origin: USA, Russia, Chile, Peru, Australia

Rarity: Rare


Azurite is a vibrant blue stone that resonates with Third Eye and Throat chakra. It is considered as psychic stone shrouded in mystery since ancient time. Azurite was called “The Stone of Heaven”. It is believed that this blue stone can transfer wisdom an knowledge, that is sacred and able to clear tension, stress, and confusion. It is used for restoring balance, taking control over emotions and unwanted reactions.


Azurite stone stimulates the mind, persons functioning in society, and enforces analyzation of every situation. This crystal is believed to be best for students as it encourages the study of challenging matters and helping older persons learn from their experience. It is considered as the best stone for concentration, memory, and focus.


How to use Azurite:

Being one of the best stones for the mind, Azurite opens the mind and the Third Eye chakra to spiritual guidance and helps communication through the Throat Chakra. The easiest way for using its energy is during meditation or by gentle rubbing of the stone during the day.


  1. Blue Apatite for Manifestation

 Blue Apatite for Manifestation

Color: Blue

Hardness:  5 Mohs scale

Healing Properties: bones, teeth, joints, sorrow, anger, exhaustion

Chakra: Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra

Origin: USA, Mexico, Russia, Norway

Rarity: Rare


Blue Apatite is a stone associated with personal growth that helps to achieve set goals. Through wearing jewelry made from this stone you will clear all confusion and negativity. This stone stimulates brain functions and intellect that will expand your knowledge. It is deeply spirited crystal considered as the stone of manifestation. Through stimulation of the Throat chakra, it eliminates blockages to all chakras creating amazing balance.


By balancing the Throat chakra, this incredible blue stone will help you overcome over-reaction, low activity, and help boost your energy. Wearing blue apatite ring for opening Throat chakra will boost your confidence and improve your communication and expressing your ideas to other people. The energy of this stone will improve creativity and problem-solving, remove negativity and improve mental wellbeing.


How to use Blue Apatite:

Apatite encourages personal development, reflection and helps to form deeper states of meditation. Wear or meditate with this stone for achieving peace, mental clarity, and connection with the inner self.


  1. Blue Kyanite for Connection

 Blue Kyanite for Connection

Color: Blue

Hardness:  4.5-7 Mohs scale

Healing Properties: relationships, communication, truth, listening, guidance

Chakra: Throat and Third Eye Chakra

Origin: USA, Brazil, India, Austria

Rarity: Very Rare


Blue Kyanite is a high vibration stone that is able to create new pathways, open mind centers and enhance person psychic and telepathic abilities. It is one of the best stones for aligning all chakras, bringing calming effects to the person on all levels. Through stimulation of the throat chakra, Kyanite it will promote calming effects clearing blockages and meridians.


Kyanite inspires loyalty, helps to repair problematic relationships and promotes positive communication. This stone will help you bridge the gap between ideas and help you express yourself. It is considered as one of the best stones for connecting with others building trust, loyalty, good communication, and fair treatment. If you feel that you lost your way in life, this crystal will keep you safe from destructive behavior.


How to use Blue Kyanite:

This is one of the best stones for aligning all chakras through meditation. Since this crystal doesn’t accumulate negative energy it may be used for clearing other crystals.

How to Use Throat Chakra Stones


Stones that are associated with the Throat chakra are used mostly to improve communication with other people. In order to activate and balance your Throat chakra, you should consider some of the following tips on how to use your crystal:


  1. Wear your crystal as a part of the jewelry during the day (best around your neck as it is closest to the throat)
  2. Spend some time during the day to meditate with your stone by holding it in your hands or near your throat. Focus your mind on the truth, release the tension and stress
  3. Keeping your Throat chakra stone in your home or office will improve communication of yourself and people surrounding you
  4. Hold your chakra stone near your bed to utilize its energy while you sleep


You may also activate crystals that are associated with the Throat chakra through singing, reading aloud, listening to the favorite music or expressing yourself by writing a diary. In essence, any creative work will help you connect with the energy of your chosen crystal. When you choose your chakra stone, be honest to yourself and buy those that resonate best with your problems and goals.

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