11 Best Virgo Birthstone Healing Crystal Rings

11 Best Virgo Birthstone Healing Crystal Rings

You more than anyone else understands Virgo positive and negative traits. Virgos are able to see and analyze other people doing but it is not easy to keep everything in check. I have handpicked following 11 healing crystals for Virgos that will help you manage criticism,   fussiness, being harsh, fastidious, judgemental, etc.


There is no perfect person in this world or the perfect zodiac sign. Persons that were born between August 23rd and September 22nd fall into the zodiac sign of Virgo. Virgos are up there being great friends, modest, capable, dedicated, humble and wise. They are known to care for the planet, friends, for helping others, and being loved by many.


Virgos are known for their virtues but their negative traits, once they come upon the surface, can get the worst out of them. In order to keep their concerns, obsessive worrying and over criticism in check, I have gathered more than 11 healing crystal rings that will help all Virgos. Following healing crystal rings will help you dampen negative personality traits.


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Aquamarine for Better Communication

 Heart Shape Blue Aquamarine Crystal Ring

Color: Blue

Hardness:  7.5 - 8 Mohs Scale

Healing Properties: lungs, cleansing, skin,

Chakra: Throat Chakra

Origin: Brazil, China, Australia, USA, Pakistan, Nigeria

Rarity: Rare


Aquamarine is a calming blue crystal that can help Virgos overcome the fear of speaking or saying what is on their mind without hurting other people. The gentle energy of this stone provides soothing, cleansing, inspires trust, and truth. Wearing aquamarine ring can bring you good luck, protection, and happiness. It is connected to the Throat chakra so wearing this crystal will share your wisdom and feelings with other people. It will also help you speak without anger in hard situations.


Wearing an aquamarine ring can help to improve your physical and emotional body. It is used for healing problems associated with lungs, breath, and respiratory tract. This crystal is associated with water and sea so its calming and cleansing energy will bring your emotions in check. It will help with overreacting, stop you from abusing and manipulating others allowing better communication, relations, and compassion.


How to use:

Considering that this is the strongest crystal for activating Throat chakra and stimulating its energy, meditate with this crystal to bring your mind and energy into balance.


Blue Tourmaline for Passion

 Blue Tourmaline Gemstone Ring

Color: Blue

Hardness: 7-7.5 Mohs Scale

Healing Properties: happiness, passion, inspiration

Chakra: Third Eye, Throat

Origin: USA, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Nigeria

Rarity: Rare


Blue tourmaline gemstone promotes happiness, inspiration, reduces fear and will help you believe in yourself. It is one of the best-supporting crystals for Virgo persons. This handpicked ring will help you relate to other people and boost your passion for work, boost your self-confidence, and lower your worrying about your job.


Blue tourmaline also activates the throat chakra that will boost your communication abilities, helping you to communicate with others more openly. This will be very helpful for Virgos that keep so much in themselves. Wearing this beautiful ring will bring you in harmony with your surroundings.


How to Use:

Meditation with blue tourmaline jewelry will open the door to the higher spiritual and angelic realms. All you need to do is meditate while holding your crystal.


Green Peridot for Intellectual Progress

 Green Peridot Gemstone Ring

Color: Green

Hardness: 6.5-7 Mohs Scale

Healing Properties: balancing crystal, intellect, memory

Chakra: Solar Plexus, Heart

Origin: USA, Russia, Brazil, Ireland, Egypt, Sri Lanka, China

Rarity: Rare


Peridot is one of the oldest traditional September birthstone associated with persons born as Virgos. It is one of the best crystals for regulating life circles, emotional phases and intellectual progress. Because of that, if you have problems with emotion swings, intellect or memory, wearing peridot ring will help you deal with those issues.


Peridot is an ideal healing crystal for balancing emotions, emotional swings, bipolar disorders, depression, melancholy, stomach problems, and nutrient assimilation. Wearing peridot ring on your right-hand will stimulate psychological clarity, improve your mood, happiness, and help you overcome outside influence on your life.


How to Use:

When you meditate with your peridot ring, focus your mind on the things you want to receive.


Citrine for Bringing Wealth and Cash

 Triangle Shaped Natural Citrine Gemstone Ring

Color: yellow

Hardness: 7 Mohs Scale

Healing Properties: stamina, metabolism, good fortune, wealth

Chakra: Navel, Solar Plexus

Origin: Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, France, Russia

Rarity: Rare


Citrine is one of the best crystals for bringing wealth into the life of Virgos. Moreover, it will help you maintain your wealth as well. It is considered a stone of manifestation, abundance, prosperity, and success. Wearing a citrine ring will encourage sharing good fortune with close friends. Citrine crystal is one of the best crystals that will assist you in quick cash ventures.


Citrine is used for enhancing energy levels, stamina supports metabolism functions and endocrine system. It is used for balancing the thyroid and reversing degenerative diseases. This crystal stimulates spleen, pancreas, digestion, and it is used for relieving allergies. Wearing a citrine ring will bring you joy, remove fears and help to overcome depression.


How to Use:

Meditation with citrine opens doors to inner thoughts, promotes easy transition into a meditative state and helps activating thinking processes. Meditate with your citrine ring in order to bring abundance into your life.


Red Jasper for Endurance

 Red Jasper Crystal Ring

Color: Red

Hardness: 6.5-7 Mohs Scale

Healing Properties: compassion, relaxation, nurturing,

Chakra: Base (Root) Chakra

Origin: Worldwide

Rarity: Common


Red Jasper is considered by many ancient civilizations as a sacred and powerful crystal of protection, wisdom, courage, and endurance. Its nurturing energy will bring Virgos comfort, tranquility, compassion and relaxation. Its slow-releasing energy will bring you focus, help with organization and dispel negative thoughts.


Virgos may benefit from wearing red jasper rings as it will give them strength, vitality, and increase endurance. This is especially important if you often feel depleted, empty and tired. Wearing a ring can remove blockages, help with blood detoxification, help with heart conditions and circulation.


How to Use:

In order to get the most of red jasper crystal, you need to wear it for long periods of time. Meditating with this stone will help you find the best way to accomplish everything and find the best solution.


Blue Topaz for Creativity

 Blue Topaz Crystal Ring

Color: Blue

Hardness: 8 Mohs Scale

Healing Properties: truth, wisdom, abundance, love, good fortune

Chakra: Third Eye Chakra, Throat Chakra

Origin: Brazil, Russia, UK, Ukraine, China

Rarity: Rare


Blue topaz crystal is used for reflecting the energy of the mind. Virgos may utilize the energy of this stone to boost their self-confidence and ability to comprehend complex concepts and ideas. This crystal is most beneficial for Virgos that want to improve their creativity, increase attention, achieve perfection and articulate their feelings and thoughts.


Virgos should wear blue topaz rings in order to bring peace to their life and calm their emotions especially if you get angry easily. Touching your blue topaz during conversation will help you reveal the truth and secrets of the person you are talking to. Wearing this ring will help your intuition, well-being, and bring hidden emotions to surface.


How to use:

Blue topaz is ideal for meditation, especially for persons looking to attune with a spiritual being.


Purple Amethyst for Spirituality

 Purple Amethyst Silver Ring for Women

Color: Purple

Hardness: 7 Mohs Scale

Healing Properties: heart, skin, stomach, motivation

Chakra: Third Eye, Crown Chakra

Origin: USA, Russia, Canada, India, Brazil

Rarity: Common


Virgos that are looking forward to embracing who they are should wear a purple amethyst ring. It will help them reveal their unique characteristics to other people. The soothing energy of this purple crystal will improve your motivation, bring you into balance and enhance your intuition. This will be especially important when you need to make hard decisions as wearing this crystal will boost your confidence.


Amethyst is considered as the crystal of spirituality that inspires a meditative state. Its energy cleans the aura and removes all negative energy. This stone is also great for the nervous system, heart, skin digestive tract, and stomach. It is a great emotional support stone that will help persons that are working too much or stressed.


How to use:

As purple amethyst carries high-frequency energy, meditating with this crystal is the best way to utilize its power. Place your ring over Third Eye chakra and guide your mind to understanding your problems and issues.


Moss Agate for Calming Energy

 Moss Agate Crystal Ring

Color: Green

Hardness: 6.5-7 Mohs Scale

Healing Properties: depression, concentration, mood swings

Chakra: Base, Heart

Origin: USA, India, Australia

Rarity: Common


The green color of moss agate crystal helps Virgos connect with the nature bringing calming effects in their busy life. Wearing a moss agate ring will get in touch with your emotions, reach your goals, improve your health and get in touch with nature. As it vibrates with slower energy you should wear it for longer periods of time to bring your emotions and energy in balance.


Moss agate is considered also as a crystal of abundance, wealth, and attraction. Wearing this crystal over time will bring you good fortune and prosperity especially if you own your business or if you are self-employed. This crystal enhances concentration, endurance, and persistence.


How to use:

Meditate with Moos Agate ring holding it close to your heart.


Fluorite for Relieving Stress

 Blue Fluorite Gemstone Ring

Color: Blue, Green, Clear, Purple

Hardness: Mohs Scale

Healing Properties: personal growth, relieving stress, communication

Chakra: Heart, Crown Chakra

Origin: Worldwide

Rarity: Common


Virgos that want to relieve stress in aid their spiritual growth should wear fluorite ring that will dispell negative energy surrounding them. If you especially feel overburdened with tasks and responsibility, fluorite crystal will bring you lightness. Its soothing energy will dispell all the stress and negativity bringing you calamity. Moreover, it will boost your energy if people surrounding you drain your energy.


Calm and rational energy of fluorite crystal will help your thoughts and brain functions. This stone inspires honesty, justice, aids memory, communication, and concentration. It is one of the best stones for removing negative energy from electromagnetic devices. It is great for overall health, intellect, and immune system.


How to use:

Best way to utilize the power of fluorite crystal is to meditate with it, especially during a chaotic day at work or at home. It will bring you back in balance and clear your confusion.


Sapphire for Healing Psychic Suffering

 Blue Sapphire Crystal Ring

Color: Blue

Hardness: 9 Mohs Scale

Healing Properties: insomnia, fever, headaches, psychic suffering, wisdom, learning

Chakra: Throat, Third Eye Chakra

Origin: Australia, Thailand, China, Africa, America

Rarity: Rare


Sapphire is considered as the typical birthstone for Virgo, a stone that brings wisdom, prophecy, hope, and faith. Since ancient times it is associated with sacred things, good fortune, kindness, and power. It is the excellent gemstone for focusing the mind, calming, releasing tension and removing negative thoughts. Persons that want to open their mind to joy, happiness, and beauty should wear sapphire jewelry.


Wearing a sapphire ring is beneficial for many reasons, especially for persons that suffer emotionally. It is used as an aid during psychosis and neuroses treatment. If you feel depressed from time to time, this crystal will lighten your mood, restore balance and help you feel better.


How to use:

Sapphire can help to activate dream state during meditation and helps to reach higher realms. Meditate with your sapphire ring to bring its energy into your life.


Green Jade for Luck and Harmony

 Green Jade Crystal Ring

Color: Green

Hardness: 6 Mohs Scale

Healing Properties: Peace, Harmony, Balance, Wisdom

Chakra: Heart

Origin: Mexico, USA, Russia, China

Rarity: Common


Green Jade gemstone is Virgo power birthstone that will help you draw out the best characteristics of your zodiac sign. It will bring you harmony and balance of the mind, body, and soul. This crystal will encourage you to take responsibility for your own life, finances, goals, and happiness. Wearing Jade ring will also bring luck, good fortune, and love into your life. It will increase your body strength keeping you energized, active and strong.


Jade is well known for centuries for its beneficial healing properties. It is known as a stone that promotes happiness, harmony, and abundance. Wearing green jade jewelry is proven to be beneficial for the kidneys, spleen, removing toxins, bone problems, and eating disorders. The soothing energy of this beautiful crystal will help you eliminate negativity, stabilize your integrity, and remove self-imposed limitations.


How to Use:  

All you need to do is to wear your Jade ring and meditate with it from time to time. Since it is connected to the heart chakra, placing your ring over the heart will work well during meditation.

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