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Who Are We

Welcome To AOV Crystals

Thank you so much for checking page about us! At first, let me introduce AOV Crystals website and brand. AOV (Amor Onmia Vincit) in Latin stands for “Love Conquers All” and that was our motto for past 10 years since we have founded our little company. It was always family business that was passed on me from my father who was selling crystals and crystal jewelry for more than 20 years.

Who Are We?

Since I was always interested in computers, internet and technology, I have decided to put our store online and try to reach more people that are interested in crystals and gemstones. First few tries with internet shop was more hit and miss since one thing is being interested and knowing what you need to do is completely different. With gathered experience and knowledge, with help of social media and all of you lovely visitors, I hope that I will elevate our little family business and build a brand that we would like to be. Thank you all for coming here and spending a minute of your time. Wish you all the best and God bless! AOV Crystals Team