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Citrine Meaning, Healing Properties and Benefits

Citrine is a true yellow gemstone used for its healing properties, bringing money, abundance, luck, and prosperity. Citrine crystal is associated with amplification and manifestation abilities, bringing joy and love into your life.


Citrine is highly sought after yellow gemstone from the Quartz family of crystals. It is tenth stone from the Aarons breastplate described in the book of Exodus. For its beauty, Queen Victoria used it for her jewelry and decoration. In the 1900s, the citrine stone was used in clothing and jewelry, architecture, and furniture as a fashion statement and symbol.


Over time, true natural yellow Citrine became scarce and hard to find. Main characteristics of the stone are its beautiful yellow color that can come in many shades, even transparent or deep yellow color. Due to its scarcity, most of the gemstones found in the market are heat treated smoky quartz or amethyst crystals. 


Citrine - Quick Overview

 Citrine Crystal Quick Information

Mineralogy: a variety of Quartz crystal
Color: yellow, deep golden yellow, honey brown
Hardness: 7 Mohs scale
Spirituality: sensitivity, aura protection, clarity, spiritual vision
Emotions: self-esteem, negative feelings, optimism, aggression
Mental: mental clarity, will power, confidence, sexuality
Physical: increase stamina, intelligence, wisdom, concentration, nausea, vomiting, digestion
Rarity:  Rare


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Meaning and Use

Citrine is a yellow gemstone that in the French language means "lemon". Its name is associated with Citrine crystal color and its beautiful yellow hues. Throughout history, the citrine crystal was known for its numerous names: The Merchant's Stone, Gold Topaz, Spanish Topaz, Madeira, and Safranite.


Meaning of this crystal is associated with its comforting energy that enhances personal will power-driven by the power of the sun. This stone is used for revitalization, creativity, hope, and dreams. It promotes living a full life, new beginnings, the pursuit of your dreams, free-thinking, happiness, joy, wisdom, and intelligence. 


Citrine crystal is used for its ability to absorb negative energy from a person and its surrounding area. In order to make the most of it, you should cleanse it from time to time. Wearing citrine crystal is beneficial for improving relationships, removing negative energy and negative feelings, prosperity, wealth and abundance in general. 


Physical Healing Properties

  • - protection, mental clarity, will power, self-confidence, increase energy, 
  • - sensuality, sexuality, boost personal power, protection from abuse, 
  • - stomach problems, diabetes, growth issues, digestion, metabolism, kidney, bladder, liver, spleen, back pain, allergies


Physical healing properties of Citrine crystal are associated with its energy-boosting characteristics that increase stamina, energy levels, improve intelligence, concentration, wisdom, self-confidence, and mental clarity. It is also beneficial for stabilizing and balancing hormone production that is associated with growth. Citrine improves digestion, nutrient absorption, reduces food allergic reactions, and improves metabolism.


Wearing this crystal as a piece of jewelry may have a positive impact on improving your nails, skin, hair, sexual drive, reduce menopause symptoms, and reproductive organ issues and infections. The positive energy vibration of this stone will have a positive impact on your life and well-being. 


Emotional Healing Properties

  • - self-esteem, confidence, individuality, expression
  • - depression, fear, phobias, calm, optimism, 
  • - positive feelings, positive thoughts, emotional balance, joy, happiness, love


Emotional healing properties of the citrine crystal are directed toward the person wearing it. It promotes self-esteem, boosts confidence, individuality, and personal expression. This crystal will help you feel less sensitive to criticism from other people, it will help you develop a good and positive attitude. It will enhance your concentration levels, revitalize your mind and help you overcome phobias, depression, and fear.


Citrine is considered a great crystal that promotes calmness and wisdom that comes with it. It is great for support, brainstorming, understanding information and finding solutions. It is advised to wear jewelry made from Citrine gemstone if you are sensitive to your environment and people influence. It will bring light to your thoughts, happiness, optimism into your life and help you face and overcome difficult situations.


Metaphysical Properties

  • - aura protection, clarity, spiritual vision, confidence, protect from abuse
  • - mental clarity, confidence, remove negative energy, imagination, honesty
  • - eliminates negative influence, aligns chakras, improves personal power 


Citrine is considered as one of the most versatile gemstones when it comes to the mind and the spirit. Wearing jewelry made from this yellow crystal will help you solve problems, stimulate your memory, build up optimism and confidence. It will help you be more aware of the things going on around you and inspire you to make positive conclusions and act on them. 


Positive energy released by Citrine stone is considered as a connection between the mind and your will. It will help you overcome your boundaries, boundaries set by your own mind and help you manifest and bring into your life what you desire. It inspires mental clarity, ignites the flame of passion and will help you learn. Wearing jewelry made from Citrine will ward off negative thoughts and doubt that you can achieve something. It will be much easier for you to find a solution by seeing it from another perspective. 



Chakra Healing

Citrine is an interesting crystal used for balancing energies of all chakras with the ethereal plane. This stone is used for activating and opening Solar Plexus chakra and Navel chakra. It is used as well for energizing Root chakra.


Being great crystal for meditation, Citrine will center and purify your thoughts. Clearer mind will lead to higher self-esteem and help you find your path in life. In order to meditate with this crystal, hold it during meditation and wear it for longer periods of time. 


Birthstone and Zodiac

Citrine is associated with people born in the month of June in traditional birthstone list and in modern with people born in the month of November. Yellow crystals are considered as great for persons born as Cancer while golden hues should be used by Leos


Wearing jewelry made from Citrine crystal will boost happiness, enthusiasm, bring success and improve power levels. The warm color of this stone is associated with the sun and light. 



First and foremost, jewelry made from Citrine gemstone looks amazing. No matter whether you believe or not that gemstones have healing abilities, beautiful yellow color of this stone will bring light into your life. It will improve your mood, bring happiness, and joy. Wearing interesting jewelry is always a great conversation starter and if you pick up on something from this article, you will have something interesting to share about jewelry with friends and family.


Main benefits of wearing Citrine crystal jewelry is due to its healing and protection characteristics. It will remove negative influence from your life and protect you from surrounding abuse. This stone will bring abundance into your life, bring luck, prosperity, and help with manifestation. Being great balancing stone that boosts mental clarity, it will help you make good decisions that will improve your life and relationship with people you work with and love. 


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Please note that gemstones should not be used as a substitute for your prescriptions or alternative treatment for any illness or health problem. Healing gemstones are not the solution but additional help. Always consult your doctor.

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