Pearl Meaning Healing Properties and Benefits

Pearl Meaning, Healing Properties and Benefits

Pearl is an organic gemstone that comes from mollusks as a result of irritation. By wrapping grain of sand with a protective coating, peals produce crystals that come in many different shapes and colors: white, black, golden, pink, lavender, with tones of green, blue, and gray.


Pearls are considered as one of the world oldest gemstones. First discovery and use of the pearls date long before written history. It is believed that people discovered pearls while searching for food near the seashores. Pearl jewelry fragments were found in Persian princess sarcophagus that dates around 400 BC. Chinese royalty wore pearls even earlier, around 2300BC. Those natural gems are considered as precious and in Rome, only the ruling class was allowed to wear Pearls.


Considering the long history, myths, legends, and lore, it is understandable why people adored Pearls since ancient time. Pearls are associated with many different meanings, healing benefits, and magical properties. Pearls are associated with good fortune, abundance, humility, purity, chastity, love, and innocence. 


During the 15th and 16th century, Pearls were one of the most lucrative import commodities in Western Europe. This period was known as "Pearl Age", during this period demand for the Pearls was so high that suppliers of oyster dwindled. Royalty and nobility didn't spare on money in order to put their hands on most beautiful pearl necklaces, earrings, brooches, and bracelets.


Until the 20th century, the only way to find and collect pearls was through diving to depts of 100ft where Pearl oysters were. It was one of the most dangerous jobs during that time period. Thankfully, Kokichi Mikimoto found the way in the late 1800s to culture Pearls. Thanks to him, we nowadays have a steady supply of this mesmerizing commodity. Most of the gems found nowadays are cultured saltwater or freshwater Pearls.


Pearls come in a few different shapes:


  • - Classic Pearl - round shape 
  • - Baroque - irregular shape
  • - Button - flat on one side
  • - Keishi - freeform


Pearls are also split into two main types:


  • - Mother of Pearl - recognized by the very distinct multicolored shine and associated with relaxation, easing the stress, and soothing tension.
  • - Abalone Shell - small to a large mollusk that has a low and open spiral structure. Often used as a talisman for love and protection.

Pearl - Quick Overview

 Pearl Crystal Quick Information

Mineralogy: organic gemstone
Color: white, black, gold, pink, lavender, blue, cream, green, orange, yellow
Hardness: 2.5 - 4.5 Mohs scale
Spirituality: visualization, perception, intuition, imagination, creativity
Emotions: calming, soothing, nervous, mood swings, love, joy, happiness, positivity
Mental: wisdom, honesty, purity, abundance, wealth, money, manifestation
Physical: immune, lungs, kidneys, heart, fever, infections, liver, spleen
Rarity:  Common/Rare


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Meaning and Use

Since the earliest days of ancient China, pearls have been used for many things - from making jewelry to making ailments and cures. They believed in pearls physical and metaphysical healing properties. This gemstone was used in medicine for treating different disorders, skin-related issues, digestion, lungs, kidneys, and heart. They made powder for aid infertility and for easing pain and discomfort. Even today some cosmetic products contain powdered pearls for controlling skin conditions.


Physical Healing Properties

  • - lungs, kidneys, heart, liver, urinary system, spleen, muscles, 
  • - tuberculosis, bronchitis, asthma, eye infections, bleeding, fever, lung infection, immune system
  • - lower acidity, laxative effect, headache, skin conditions, bronchitis, colds, headaches, hypertension, exhaustion


Pearls are associated with the range of physical healing properties and considered as beneficial for lung-related diseases. Healing benefits of this gemstone is also connected to the heart, liver, kidneys, and urinary system. In the past, healers used them often to cure eye infections, fever, indigestion, and bleeding. Moreover, they often associated their healing effects with curing skin conditions, lung infections, headaches, stomach aches, colds, hypertension, etc.


In the past, people believed that Pearls can help them during the birthing process to lower the pain and ease the discomfort. The soothing energy of this natural stone was recommended for women that had difficult pregnancy and childbirth. This gem promotes cell, muscle and tissue regeneration, improves sleep, reduces weakness and fatigue.


Emotional Healing Properties

  • - balance, hormones, nervous, anxiety, tension
  • - enlightenment, mood improvement, 
  • - soothing, calming, positivity, happiness, joy, truth, loyalty


Pearl emotional healing properties are associated with bringing balance to your body's natural cycles. They will balance your water level, hormone level and balance it with monthly moon cycles. This crystal is also associated with wisdom, love, truth, strength, and will help you to find your true self. Wearing this beautiful gemstone will enlighten your mind, improve the mood, and teach you to love yourself. They are also known to calm and soothe negative emotions and anger while boosting positive and uplifting feelings. 


Wearing pearl jewelry will bring you wisdom, spread loving and carrying energy. For centuries people used them to relieve negative feelings and negative energy, nervous, tension, and anxiety. If you have often mood swings or often feel bad, you should definitely wear this beautiful gem as it is great for boosting positive feelings. 


Metaphysical Properties

  • - wisdom, honesty, purity, wealth, money
  • - manifestation, abundance
  • - protection, truth, responsibility


Pearls are known for their calming effects and helping people to attune to their normal flow of life. This is a great stone for people that have a lot of problems and look for a way to handle those problems. They will soothe your negative feelings, transmuting them into positive feelings. They will make you take responsibility for your actions but will bring you wisdom and faith to do that in the best possible way. 


Pearls also promote honesty, charity, and truth. This stone easily absorbs negative energy so it is advisable to clean and recharge them from time to time. The easiest way is to place them in the moonlight to recharge. Being one of the best manifestation gemstones, wearing pearls for longer periods of time will help you manifest what you really desire, bring you abundance, wealth, good fortune, and money.


Chakra Healing

Pearls are connected to lower chakras and wearing this stone will help you get them in balance. Unbalanced lower chakras are recognized by sudden anger bursts, blaming others for your problems, and jealousy. This is often connected with the need for constant confirmation of self-worth, lack of compassion for other people and feeling that no one loves you. You can utilize the energy of Pearls to bring your Hearth chakra in balance. 


Pearls are also great for getting your Third Eye chakra in balance. This will help you feel much better, acknowledge your success in business and personal life. By wearing pearl jewelry you will boost your intuition, creativity, and visualization. 


Bringing the Crown chakra into balance wearing Pearls is important for people that feel that they need constant sympathy of coworkers. By bringing your Crown chakra into balance you will feel connected with the universe, be less nervous, have better relations with coworkers, friends, and family.


Birthstone and Zodiac

According to the traditional list of birthstones, Pearls are associated with the months of February and November. In the modern birthstone list, Pearls are considered as June Birthstone. This gemstone is also Star Sign of Gemini and Cancer



Wearing Pearl jewelry is considered beneficial for thousands of years. People believe in their healing properties that will bring you love, abundance, better health, wisdom, and wealth. Positive energy and vibrations of this gemstone will transmute negative into positive feelings and energy, help you sleep better, reduce tension and stress. Pearls were often a gift for brides as they bring harmony and love into the person's life. 



Most of the natural pearls come in colors ranging from white to gray with overtones of pink, purple, blue, green, golden, yellow, silver and black color. Also, black pearls are more common nowadays thanks to culturing. Colored pearls are pretty rare and not that easy to find therefore many pearls found on the market are dyed in order to enhance their color. 


Being one of the oldest gemstones used for making all types of jewelry, every color has its own special meaning behind the color. Here is some different meaning behind pearl color:


  • - White Pearls - one of the most favorable colors used as wedding jewelry considered as the best for new brides. White pears are symbols of beauty, innocence, peace, and purity.
  • - Black Pearls - are considered as mysterious and intriguing gems associated with sophistication, strength, and independence
  • - Pink Pearls - are considered as most feminine stones associated with softness, romance, love, feminine energy.
  • - Purple Pearls - this color is associated with the class, prestige, nobility, and royalty. It is often used as a symbol of creativity, power, wealth, wisdom, and sophistication.
  • - Blue Pearls - one of the most popular color in the last few decades that is associated with courage, truth, calmness, and wisdom.
  • - Gold Pearls - since the earliest days golden color is associated with abundance, wealth, prestige, sophistication, luxury, prosperity, and class. It is one of the most expensive colors.
  • - Brown (Chocolate) Pearls - an interesting color that gained popularity in the last decade associated with harmony, independence, stability, class, and sophistication.


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Please note that gemstones should not be used as a substitute for your prescriptions or alternative treatment for any illness or health problem. Healing gemstones are not the solution but additional help. Always consult your doctor.

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