Discovering the World of White Howlite Gemstones

Welcome to the mesmerizing world of white howlite gemstones! These beautiful gems come in various colors, but today we will focus on the enchanting allure of the white variety. As a gemstone with calming and healing energies, white howlite has become a popular choice for jewelry enthusiasts and spiritual seekers alike.

White howlite is often mistaken for other minerals such as turquoise and coral, thanks to its remarkable resemblance. Its soft, snowy white appearance is complemented by mesmerizing grey or black veins that add depth and character. But there’s more to white howlite than meets the eye. Let’s dive into its origins, physical properties, and spiritual significance.

Key Takeaways:

  • White howlite is a mesmerizing gemstone with calming and healing energies.
  • It is often used as an imitation stone, resembling other minerals like turquoise and coral.
  • White howlite has a hardness of 3.5 and a density of 2.58-2.59 g/cm³.
  • Its spiritual significance revolves around promoting peace, reducing stress, and balancing the crown chakra.
  • Howlite has physical healing properties, such as regulating calcium levels and improving sleep quality.

The Different Types of Howlite

Howlite comes in various types, each with its own unique colors and characteristics. The most common type is white howlite, which has a white or cream-colored base with grey or black veins. Blue howlite is a light blue stone with white or gray veins, resembling turquoise. Green howlite is a light green or olive stone with white or gray veins, resembling jade. Red howlite is a light pink to reddish stone with white or gray veins, resembling coral. Yellow howlite is a light yellow or beige stone with white or gray veins, resembling citrine. Black howlite is a black or dark gray stone with white veins, resembling black onyx. Each type of howlite offers its own unique beauty and versatility.

types of howlite

Table: Types of Howlite

White HowliteWhite or creamGray or black
Blue HowliteLight blueWhite or grayTurquoise
Green HowliteLight green or oliveWhite or grayJade
Red HowliteLight pink to reddishWhite or grayCoral
Yellow HowliteLight yellow or beigeWhite or grayCitrine
Black HowliteBlack or dark grayWhiteBlack onyx

Each type of howlite showcases a unique color palette and pattern, making it a versatile gemstone for jewelry and decorative purposes. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of white howlite or the vibrant hues of blue, green, red, yellow, or black howlite, there is a type that will suit your style and preferences. The natural veins and patterns add an intriguing visual element to any piece, creating a captivating and one-of-a-kind aesthetic. Furthermore, the resemblance to other well-known gemstones adds an element of surprise and intrigue, making howlite a fascinating and affordable alternative.

The Properties of Howlite

Howlite is a fascinating gemstone with unique properties and characteristics. Understanding its mineral properties and symbolism can enhance your appreciation for this beautiful stone.

When it comes to mineral characteristics, howlite has a hardness rating of 3 to 3.5 on the Mohs scale, making it relatively soft compared to other gemstones. It has a density range of 2.45 to 2.59, and its streak color is white. Howlite exhibits a dull to sub-vitreous luster and can be either translucent or opaque. Due to its visual similarity to more expensive gemstones like turquoise and lapis lazuli, howlite is often used as a substitute in jewelry.

In terms of symbolism, howlite represents compassion, warmth, and open-minded thinking. It is associated with purity and virtue, making it a symbol of innocence and simplicity. Howlite is also believed to promote spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Its calming energies help reduce stress and anxiety, encouraging a peaceful state of mind. Additionally, howlite is thought to have physical healing properties, such as regulating calcium levels and aiding in insomnia.

Overall, howlite is a captivating gemstone with many unique properties. Whether you’re drawn to its aesthetic beauty or its spiritual significance, howlite is a versatile and meaningful stone to incorporate into your jewelry collection or decorative objects.

properties of howlite

The Properties of Howlite

Mineral CharacteristicsSymbolismPhysical Healing
  • Hardness: 3 to 3.5
  • Density: 2.45-2.59
  • Streak: White
  • Luster: Dull to sub-vitreous
  • Transparency: Translucent to opaque
  • Compassion
  • Warmth
  • Open-minded thinking
  • Purity and virtue
  • Regulating calcium levels
  • Aiding in insomnia

The Healing Properties of Howlite

Howlite is a powerful gemstone that offers a wide range of healing properties for the mind, body, and spirit. Its unique composition and energetic vibrations make it a popular choice for those seeking physical and emotional well-being.

Physically, howlite is believed to have numerous healing benefits. It is known to regulate calcium levels in the body, which is essential for the health of bones and teeth. By maintaining proper calcium levels, howlite can help strengthen the skeletal system and promote overall bone health. Additionally, howlite is thought to aid in relieving insomnia and improving sleep quality. Its calming energy can help individuals achieve a state of deep relaxation, allowing for a restful night’s sleep.

Emotionally, howlite is highly regarded for its ability to calm the mind and reduce stress and anger. Its soothing energy helps to ease feelings of anxiety and tension, promoting a sense of inner peace and tranquility. Howlite encourages patience and self-awareness, allowing individuals to better understand and manage their emotions. It also fosters positive character traits and helps individuals cultivate a more positive outlook on life.

In the realm of spiritual healing, howlite is closely associated with chakra healing, particularly the crown chakra. The crown chakra is located at the top of the head and is considered the gateway to higher consciousness and spiritual connection. Howlite’s energy helps to open and align the crown chakra, allowing for a deeper connection to the divine and enhancing one’s spiritual journey. It can also facilitate spiritual awakening and the development of intuitive abilities.

Physical HealingEmotional HealingChakra Healing
– Regulates calcium levels– Reduces stress and anger– Opens and aligns the crown chakra
– Strengthens bones and teeth– Promotes inner peace and tranquility– Facilitates spiritual awakening
– Aids in relieving insomnia– Encourages positive character traits– Enhances intuitive abilities

With its multitude of healing properties, howlite is a gemstone that holds much promise for those seeking holistic well-being. Whether worn as jewelry or used in spiritual practices, howlite’s energy can support physical healing, emotional balance, and spiritual growth.

“Howlite is a powerful gemstone that offers healing on multiple levels. Its ability to regulate calcium levels, calm the mind, and enhance spiritual connection makes it a valuable tool for anyone on a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement.”

The Value and History of Howlite

Howlite is a gemstone that holds both aesthetic and spiritual value. While it may not be considered an expensive gemstone, its unique beauty and versatility make it a sought-after choice in the world of jewelry and decorative objects. The value of howlite is determined by factors such as color, cut, and overall quality.

White howlite, one of the most common types, is often used in jewelry and can be purchased at affordable prices, typically under $50. Its creamy white base with black or grey veins creates a visually striking appearance. Howlite is also available in various other colors, including blue, green, red, yellow, and black, each offering its own distinct beauty and charm.

The history of howlite dates back to its discovery in 1868 by Henry How in Nova Scotia. How was captivated by the stone’s unique properties and showcased its beauty, leading to its popularity in the jewelry industry. Today, howlite is mined in different countries, including Canada, California, Mexico, Germany, and Russia, making it widely available to gem enthusiasts across the globe.

Type of HowliteColorsValue
White HowliteWhite or cream with black or grey veinsAffordable, typically under $50
Blue HowliteLight blue with white or gray veinsVaries based on quality
Green HowliteLight green or olive with white or gray veinsDepends on color intensity
Red HowliteLight pink to reddish with white or gray veinsValue increases with intensity

I was amazed to discover the rich history and value of howlite. Its affordability and stunning beauty make it a perfect choice for those seeking a unique gemstone. Whether used in jewelry or decorative objects, howlite adds a touch of creativity and style to any setting.

Overall, the value and history of howlite have made it a cherished gemstone for centuries. Its accessibility, combined with its natural beauty and spiritual meanings, have solidified its place in the hearts of gem enthusiasts and collectors worldwide.

Value and History of Howlite

Using Howlite in Jewelry and Decorative Objects

When it comes to creating stunning jewelry pieces and unique decorative objects, howlite is my go-to gemstone. Its versatility and beauty make it a perfect choice for adding a touch of elegance to any jewelry collection or home decor. Whether you’re a jewelry enthusiast or an art lover, howlite offers endless possibilities.

In the world of jewelry, howlite is often used to create exquisite beaded necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Its smooth texture and ability to take on various colors make it a gemstone that stands out from the crowd. From stunning white howlite pieces to vibrant blue or green howlite designs, there’s something for everyone’s taste.

But howlite doesn’t stop at jewelry. It can also be transformed into stunning decorative objects that add a touch of creativity and style to any setting. Carved figurines, delicate paperweights, and elegant bookends are just a few examples of howlite’s versatility. Its calming and spiritual properties make these decorative objects not only aesthetically pleasing but also meaningful.

Whether you wear howlite jewelry or display decorative objects carved from this mesmerizing gemstone, you’ll be embracing its unique energy and charm. So, if you’re looking to add a touch of sophistication to your personal style or elevate your living space, consider howlite. Let your creativity flow and explore the endless possibilities of using this beautiful gemstone.


What is howlite and what colors does it come in?

Howlite is a mesmerizing gemstone that comes in various colors, from snowy white to deep black.

Is white howlite commonly used in jewelry?

Yes, white howlite is commonly used in beaded necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

What are the physical properties of howlite?

Howlite has a hardness of 3.5, a density of 2.58-2.59 g/cm³, and a conchoidal fracture.

What is the spiritual significance of howlite?

Howlite promotes peace, reduces stress and anxiety, and balances the crown chakra.

Does howlite have any physical healing properties?

Howlite is believed to regulate calcium levels and improve sleep quality.

What are the different types of howlite?

The different types of howlite include white, blue, green, red, yellow, and black howlite.

How is howlite used in jewelry making?

Howlite is used to create beaded necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, as well as carved into decorative objects.

Can howlite be used for chakra healing?

Yes, howlite is often associated with the crown chakra and can aid in spiritual awakening and wisdom.

What is the value and history of howlite?

While not considered an expensive gemstone, howlite has a rich history dating back to its discovery in Nova Scotia in 1868.

Where is howlite mined?

Howlite is mined in various countries, including Canada, California, Mexico, Germany, and Russia.

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