Morganite Meaning Healing Properties Benefits

Morganite Meaning, Healing Properties and Benefits

Morganite is a clear glassy pink gemstone that is connected with the soul, the heart, and love. Wearing a Morganite crystal will bring you healing energy, compassion, joy, confidence, inner strength, and unconditional love. 


Morganite crystal is a pink color variety of Beryl crystal. Other crystals that came from the same variety are  Emerald, Aquamarine, Heliodor, Bixbite, Golden Beryl, Red Beryl, and Goshenite. While other gemstones come in different colors, Morganite is known for its transparent pink color, that ranges from soft pink to violet-pink, salmon, and pale pink. They are known for their beauty, transparent luster and inclusions that can display cat's eye and start effects.


Morganite gemstone was discovered for the first time back in the 1900s. Chief gemologist from Tiffanny renamed this stone from "Pink Beryl" to "Morganite" to honor J.P.Morgan who was their significant customer and contributor to the American Museum of Natural History.  


The pink color of Morganite stone will bring light to your life, positive energy and help you commit and care for other people. The soothing energy of this gentle color will help you calm your anger, resentment or any other negative feelings and help you bring new love and romance into your life. Gentle energy offered by this beautiful pink gemstone will bring joy, pleasure, compassion, and new friendships into your life.


Gemstone Name - Quick Overview

 Morganite Crystal Quick Information

Mineralogy: Beryl variety
Color: pink, peach-pink, salmon, violet-pink, pale pink
Hardness: 7.5 - 8 Mohs scale
Spirituality:  Divine Love, unconditional love, Heart chakra
Emotions:  depression, forgiveness, self-love, acceptance, care, motivation, stress, tension, compassion
Mental:  love, balance, confidence, strength, assurance
Physical:  asthma, abdominal problems, muscles, lungs, throat, heart, impotence
Rarity:  Uncommon


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Meaning and Use

Morganite is a very interesting gemstone that is associated with the feeling of inner peace, strength, and joy. If you decide to wear it for prolonged periods of time, this crystal will help you with self-confidence, personal power, and help you connect to Divine Love boosting awareness. Positive energy released by this stone is great for new businesses and it is considered as great talisman stone for all persons working with money.


Morganite crystal is believed to encourage fairness, fair treatment of other people. It is an especially great stone for those people having emotional or even mental problems. It is a soothing crystal for people having a physical illness. Wearing Morganite gemstone will help you be fair to others, improve communication, and personal expression. It will also help relieve stress and help you understand other people.


Physical Healing Properties

  • - heart, lungs, heart-related problems
  • - stress, vertigo, impotence, tension
  • - asthma, tuberculosis, emphysema, cells, tongue


Morganite is gemstone with positive healing properties associated with the heart. Wearing this stone is great for persons having heart-related problems. It is also beneficial for the lungs, nervous system, and all illnesses that are related to high stress.  Moreover, it is beneficial for treating asthma, tuberculosis, cell-related problems, tongue, thyroid gland, and for curing impotence and vertigo.


Emotional Healing Properties

  • - opening your heart, anger, fear, negativity
  • - a new relationship, loving people, 
  • - grief, deep loss, depression, acceptance


The soothing energy of Morganite gemstone is associated with many interesting emotional healing properties. Apart from opening the Heart chakra and helping people to overcome negative feelings of anger and fear, it is great for stabilizing emotional field.  If something goes unexpected, instead of being angry and devastated by this, Morganite will help you overcome bad situations.


This stone will transform your negativity and by activating loving thoughts, you will find a solution to your problem. Morganite will calm your mind, emotions, give you wisdom, and help you achieve your goals. Wearing this stone will encourage you to move forward and find a new purpose. It will open your heart to new possibilities, help you attract loving people, new relationship, help you find peace if you are facing grief. 


Metaphysical Properties

  • - unconditional love, Divine love, Heart chakra
  • - spirit, alignment, soul, guidance
  • - trust, confidence


Morganite is very interesting gemstone associated with Angelic Communication, connection to Divine Love, connection with Higher Source, and God. Its energy is associated with elevating your spirit and helping you align with a higher source of energy, love, and wisdom. Wearing this stone is great for finding guidance from angelic beings and often associated with connecting with higher entities. 


Chakra Healing

The pink color of Morganite crystal is associated with light reflection, love and the heart. Wearing this gemstone will stimulate your Heart Chakra. Bringing your Heart chakra in balance will help you regulate interaction with other people and provide you with the ability to be who you are in the presence of other people and friends. 


Birthstone and Zodiac

Morganite is not listed as the traditional or modern birthstone for any zodiac sign but its energy is associated with the person born from the end of October to the end of November. The energy of this crystal can help Taurus to calm their stubbornness and Cancers to clear their emotions. 



Morganite is interesting crystal mostly associated with helping with stress-related illnesses and problems. It is a great supporting stone for people having problems with the heart, impotence, anger, and tension. Wearing this stone will help you clear and strengthen your heart, remove fear, help you resolve hard situations, and resolve past relationship problems. It is great supporting stone that will allow you to act upon your feelings and provide you protection from negative people.


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Please note that gemstones should not be used as a substitute for your prescriptions or alternative treatment for any illness or health problem. Healing gemstones are not the solution but additional help. Always consult your doctor.

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