Opal Meaning Healing Properties and Benefits

Opal Meaning, Healing Properties and Benefits

Opal is the most colorful gemstone in the world that is used since ancient time for its beauty, healing properties, and benefits. This crystal is known for its vitreous, pearly, and waxy luster, range of colors, and varieties. 


Name of the Opal crystal comes from the Latin word "opalus" which means "precious stone". Since the earliest civilizations, Opal stone is known as "Eye Stone" and cherished for its brilliance, color play, and flashes. This gemstone is dedicated to the eye and one of the most pleasant gemstones that inspire purity, luck, love, hope, happiness, innocence, and calmness. Romans considered it a precious stone that contains flame of Garnet, purple color of Amethyst, the green color of Emerald, and bind them in unity.


Opal crystal is mostly known for its ability to bring person characteristics and positive traits to the surface. It is believed that Opal stone can pick up persons thoughts, desires, feelings and emotions and amplify them. Negative feelings and emotions that are picked up by Opal crystal, even though they are unpleasant and uncomfortable, are easier to understand, process, and fix. This stone will assist and help you get rid of negativity and those feelings that bother you.


Being one of the most colorful gemstones in the word, Opal can be found in white, yellow, pink, orange, red, green, blue, brown, gray, and black color, as a colorless stone, and can be transparent, opaque, and translucent. Considering the range of colors, it is obvious why we have so many Opal variations but there are three major types


  • - Precious Opal - it is often called "Rainbow Opal", rarest and known for its "play of color".
  • - Common Opal - found all over the world and does not show a play of colors but comes with a milky luster.
  • - Fire Opal -  transparent to translucent with vivid red, yellow and orange color.


Opal gemstone is a national gemstone of Australia. Australia produces around 97% of the supplies for the whole world. Opal produced in Australia is highly resistible to breaking being formed in a sedimentary environment. Opal gemstones that are formed from volcanic processes have the ability to absorb water. They are more prone to cracking and breaking.


Opal - Quick Overview

 Opal Quick Information

Mineralogy: mineraloid
Color: white, yellow, pink, orange, red, blue, green, brown, black, gray, multicolored, banded, colorless
Hardness: 5.5 - 6 Mohs scale
Spirituality: psychic abilities, spiritual awareness, foresight, prophecy, mystical visions
Emotions: comfort, calming, fear, insecurity, happiness, soothing
Mental: supporting stone, art, poetry, self-worth
Physical: fever, invections, memory, menstrual problems, puberty, poison, PMS
Rarity:  Rare


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Meaning and Use

Opal is used for centuries and people associate this gemstone with many different traits. It is believed that this stone promotes security, calmness, it is great for easing stress and depression. It is great for calming restless thoughts and mind. Wearing this stone will help you sleep better, ward away bad dreams and nightmares. It is especially beneficial for children that have imaginary friends or have troubles going to sleep.


Opal is one of the best stones of protection being an amazing shield against negative energy and negative thoughts. It is said that this stone can provide you with "the cloak of invisibility" when you don't want to be seen or noticed. This gemstone resonates with the Mother Goddess energy and is considered to be the best gift for pregnant women. It is a great stone for emotional support, often associated with eroticism, passion, love, and burning desire.


Physical Healing Properties

  • - fever, infections, menstrual problems, menopause, PMS
  • - blood cleaning, blood purification, insulin production, water retention
  • - skin, kidneys, hair, nails, eyes, memory


Opal is an interesting gemstone that is in general associated with boosting the strength of will to live. It is a great stone for the skin, kidneys, eyes, hair, and nails. It is proven to be useful for water assimilation, retention and balancing water content within the body. 


It is believed that this stone can help removing infections, cleaning and to purify the blood and kidneys. Its physical healing properties are also good for regulating insulin production, reducing fever, and boosting memory. This is a great supporting stone for the ladies that have issues with hormone production, menopause, PMS, and during childbirth.


Emotional Healing Properties

  • - emotional balance, passion, love, erotism, desire, seduction, sexuality
  • - happiness, creativity, positivity, self-awareness, past regrets 
  • - a protection stone, supporting stone, emotional stabilization


Emotional healing properties of Opal gemstone are often associated with erotism, desire, sexuality, passion, and love. Wearing this stone will help you be more seductive, live in harmony with your emotions, and fall in love with life. Wearing this crystal will boost your optimism as well. 


Being great supporting stone, Opals healing energy will strengthen your whole emotional body and help you be more open and honest to yourself. By wearing this stone, you will be able to examine your feelings and emotional state. During a prolonged period of time wearing this stone, you will learn how to take responsibility for how you feel, handle past wounds, and learn to be more in control of your feelings.


Metaphysical Properties

  • - psychic abilities, spiritual awareness, foresight, prophecy, mystical visions
  • - supporting stone, art, poetry, self-worth
  • - spiritual light, cosmic consciousness, intuition


Metaphysical and spiritual healing properties of Opal crystal are associated with bringing spirituality, awareness, and spiritual light to the wearer. Wearing this stone will enhance conciseness and invoke visions, psychic abilities, and intuition. In the past, shamans and mystic healers used this stone on their spiritual journeys. As one of the best stones of light, Opal is associated with attracting cosmic energy and communication with the Divine. 


Chakra Healing

Considering that Opal gemstone can be found in every color of the rainbow, different gemstone variations correspond with different chakras. Since this stone displays play of color, they often correspond with more than one chakra and help them linking together with the Crown chakra


Birthstone and Zodiac

Opal crystal is listed as the traditional and modern birthstone for persons born in October. Even though it is not associated directly with any Zodiac sign, this stone has a strong affinity with the zodiac sign of Cancer.



Opal is an interesting and very beneficial gemstone that is often used in jewelry for making all types of jewelry designs. Thanks to its beauty and versatility, many people often choose Opal stone as their main jewelry stone. Wearing this crystal is often associated with improved relationships in personal and business life. It brings balance, builds trust, releases fear and brings comfort to people wearing it. Wearing this stone will bring you prosperity, better health, strength, and help you grow in all aspects of your life.


Opal Varieties

Being one of the most colorful gemstones in the world, Opal crystal comes in many different varieties. Some of them are universally accepted and sold in jewelry shops while others are mostly made up variations by jewelry dealers. Other variations carry the name based on the location where they are mined, so we have Mexican Fire Opal, Hungarian Opal, Lightning Ridge Opal, Virgin Valey Opal, etc. Here are listed the most popular variations that you may find all over the world:


  • - Andean (Peruvian) Opal - gemstone mined in the Andes Mountains in Peru
  • - Banded Opal - form with color bands
  • - Black Opal - precious Opal that comes in darker color variations, dark blue, dark gray, dark green with black being most valuable
  • - Common Opal - stone without the play of color
  • - Crystal Opal - transparent to semi-transparent Precious Opal with the most amazing play of color
  • - Fire Opal - yellow-orange to red-colored Opal
  • - Moss Opal - variation that looks like moss
  • - Onyx Opal - variation that looks similar to Onyx
  • - Precious Opal - Opal gemstones with a play of color
  • Wax Opal - variation with yellow to brown color and waxy luster 


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Please note that gemstones should not be used as a substitute for your prescriptions or alternative treatment for any illness or health problem. Healing gemstones are not the solution but additional help. Always consult your doctor.

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